Bordeaux Lipstick Trendy This Fall

This fall, bordeaux lipstick has once again topped the list of the hottest beauty trends. In this article, you will read about how to use dark shades of lipstick.


Rich burgundy, carmine, bordeaux, and other components of the deep “wine” makeup palette are more relevant than ever during the season.

1. Choose the texture with a slight glow

Glossy shine and matte texture can look equally good on dark cherry lips. However, if you are not a professional, it will be difficult to achieve the ideal result. First of all, lipstick can spread beyond the contour of the lips, and secondly, it can give your skin an unhealthy appearance. A lipstick with a touch of unobtrusive brilliance is a universal solution for beginners.


2. Take care of the lips

A bright lipstick will only emphasize peeling of the skin, that is why use a special scrub (or rub your lips with a toothbrush) and humidify them with a transparent lip balm at least half an hour before the lipstick is applied.


3. Underline the shape of eyebrows

The universal rule about accentuating only eyes or lips does not mean that your face should look bleak. Underline the natural shape of the eyebrows with a pencil, and use one layer of black or dark brown mascara on the eyelashes.


4. Be sure to use a contour pencil

In this case, the rule about choosing a lipstick of a darker half-tone does not work. Choose a contour pencil that matches your lip color. It is even better to use a colorless wax pencil. You will not worry that the contour is blurred or the picked color is wrong.

5. Pick the right color

Choose cool shades of red and cherry with a blue half-tone. These colors will make your smile even more colorful and will visually “whiten” your teeth.