9 Surprising Facts about Red Lipstick

This beauty product is recognized by millions of women; it makes men timid; even songs and musicals are written about red lipstick… Red lipstick is a timeless product beyond competition, and many stars use it to accentuate their beauty. Geniusbeauty.com has found 9 interesting facts about this must-have beauty product and shares them with you!


1. Women are afraid of red lipstick


According to many women, the red color signifies danger, so they postpone the purchase of red lipstick. This opinion is wrong! The scientists from the University of South Brittany have conducted an experiment: waitresses in the restaurants of the French city of Vannes were asked to apply different lipsticks: pink, brown, red. The girls, who used red lipstick, got 3 times more tip than the rest.

2. Lipstick is one of the most purchased beauty products in the world

According to the British Superdrug cosmetics store, female customers consider red lips the most iconic trend. The second place is taken by smoky eyes.

3. Green lipstick for black-and-white TV


In the days of black-and-white television, cameras used red filters. Because of this, the natural color of the lips or red lipstick looked pale on the screen against the background of the face. To avoid the “bleaching” effect, artists used green lipstick instead of red lipstick.

4. When red lipstick is a taboo


According to international diplomatic protocol, the wives of Presidents should not appear at official receptions with red lipstick (they are allowed only one color – pale pink). If the first lady ignores the ban, an international scandal is inevitable.

5. Marilyn Monroe’ favorite color


Style icon Marilyn Monroe applied 5 layers of lipstick and adored shade #522 of Kiss Kiss lipstick by Guerlain.

6. How to make the lipstick flicker?


To make red lipstick flicker, some brands use ground fish scales – just as it used to be in the past. The “pearl extract” is commonly referred to as part of it.

7. Lipstick effect

During the Second World War, the production of cosmetics was banned in Britain. Winston Churchill made an exception only for lipstick – it was believed that its use “raised the morale of the population.” Later, there appeared the term “lipstick effect” in the economy: in difficult times, women do not spend money on big and expensive things, but they continue to buy cosmetics willingly. Perhaps it is for this reason that red lipstick is best sold on cloudy days.

8. Elizabeth Taylor’s monopoly


Elizabeth Taylor did not tolerate competition: it was only she who could have red lipstick in her movies.

9 Lipstick for men

During the Renaissance period, scarlet lipstick shades were used not only by women, but by men as well! In France, in the court of Louis XVI men highlighted their lips to make them more visible against the background of their mustache and beard.

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