6 Makeup Foundation Tips

Makeup is an indispensable tool for creating a flawless image. We’ll share a few secrets of foundation use with you.


Pick the right shade

Primers for make-up, as well as concealers, are divided into shades, each of them having its own properties. For example, pink gives the skin a beautiful glow, purple improves skin tone and lime neutralizes face redness.

2. Do not use too much foundation

The foundation can also be overdone. If you apply too much, it will start to roll and spoil the makeup. In order to make skin surface smooth and conceal flaws, you need just a pea-sized drop of the foundation.

3. Apply foundation under eyes

Do not avoid applying foundation around the eyes. Thus, you will solve several problems: rolling makeup, the “crow’s feet” effect and red spots.

4. Apply a primer for lashes

In addition to the classical foundation, there is also a primer for mascara. It gives lashes length and volume, as well as strengthens them and increases mascara resistance. Typically, these kinds of primers contain vitamin E or glycerin, which takes care of the lashes.

5. Apply lip primer

If your lipstick is going to spread out and accumulate in the folds of the lips, use a special lip primer. You can apply ordinary face foundation.

6. Stick to the formula of a perfect makeup

Remember the formula: foundation primer – liquid foundation – a transparent powder. The latter is created to absorb moisture and fat and enhance the durability of makeup.

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