Blackberry Prevents Weight Gain


The list of blackberry’s virtues has been supplemented with one more point, very important for many women. This berry is extremely rich in antioxidants, which prevent gaining weight at the molecular level.


Researchers from Texas Women’s University (USA) investigated the effects of blackberry polyphenols on the development of fat cells. The latter are formed out of the ordinary, non-specialized cells under the influence of different circumstances. The experiment on laboratory mice has shown that different doses of blackberry polyphenols inhibit the formation of fat cells to 27-73%!

The result is very promising, but now scientists are going to test it on humans. However, even now all those who want to lose weight can be safely advised to eat blackberries often: even if the effect is not too strong, this berry has many proven advantages, including anti-age effect and prevention of cardiovascular problems. One warning: do not eat too much blackberry at once; otherwise, you are going to have a constipation.