3 Simple Tips on How to Dry Nail Polish Quickly

There are situations when you urgently need to dry the nail polish. Here are a few tips on how to quickly dry nail polish with improvised means. If it is done properly and carefully, it will not cause damage to manicure.


  1. Hairdryer will help you dry the nail polish. You can dry the nail polish under the flow of cold air running from the dryer. In any case, do not use warm air for this procedure, otherwise the nail polish will crack. The minus of such a quick drying is that the nail polish will not last long.
  2. Before applying the nail polish, you can keep it in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes. Cooled in such a way, the nail polish is applied in a thin layer on the nails and dries much faster.
  3. Cold water also speeds up the process of drying the nail polish. To do this, pour cold water in some bowl and immerse the tips of the fingers there at least for three minutes. Ice can be added, which will lower the temperature of the water even more. The lower the water temperature is, the faster the nail polish will dry. It is not advisable to dry the nail polish under running water – it will damage the manicure. For the same reason, do not wipe your hands with a towel immediately after drying nail the polish in the water.
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