23 Lipstick Shades Making Your Teeth Appear Whiter

A beautiful smile can dazzle any man straight away. We have found best lipstick shades that will help you visually whiten your teeth.

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Pale Pink

Nude lipstick shades make your teeth yellow. Instead, try bright-pink tones with a light texture.


Transparent Pink

In contrast to the shades of coral, a berry pink lip-gloss makes a smile more radiant and flawless.


Pink with Blue Midtone

A dense matte lipstick with a blue midtone hides yellow stains on the teeth.



It is another group of pink shades with blue midtone for a brighter smile. Give preference to fuchsia or bright candy colors.


Bright Red

Dense red can visually lighten teeth by 1-2 shades. For a more noticeable effect, apply lipstick in two layers.


Deep Red

Not surprisingly, this color lipstick is the sexiest. It not only adds femininity to any image, but gives a flawless white smile, as well.


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