10 Makeup & Fashion Mistakes Making Women Look Older

Everyone knows that a skillfully matched wardrobe and a classy makeup can significantly rejuvenate a woman. However, mistakes in choosing cosmetics and clothing, on the contrary, make you visually old. Here are the most common ones.


1. Too trendy clothes

Unless you have an unlimited budget, refrain from buying the trendiest clothes. In fact, trends come and go quickly, and you will not afford to buy new clothes each year. Trendy dresses or jeans will look outdated in a year or two.

2. Too long hair

Many women associate long hair with youth and a short haircut – with aging. However, over the years, a woman loses face hypodermic fat, and long hair gives out her age.

3. A black eyeliner

It looks good when you are young, but over the years a saturated black eyeliner suits a woman much less. Eyelashes get thin, and many are trying to compensate it by a rich black makeup.

4. Suntan

Sunbathing gives a temporary effect of rejuvenation, but in the long run, it makes the skin old and gives out your age.

5. Too tight or loose clothing

Such clothes attract unwanted attention to the body, especially if you have developed any visible imperfections over the years.

6. Giving up belts

If you have a perfect figure, you do not need belts, but otherwise they will accentuate waist area.

7. Dark lipstick

A rich lipstick allows you to focus on the lips, but a color too dark or bright will only accentuate the laugh lines located in the corners of the mouth.

8. Excess blush

This is not just bad, it’s awful – a thick layer of blush screams you are an old woman.

9. Teenage clothing

Do not repeat Madonna’s mistakes, who tends to dress like her 16-year-old daughter Lourdes. This makes the singer look old and absurd and accentuates her age even more.

10. Passion for color trends

Pastel colors are popular this season. However, if these colors make you look fatter and older than you are, choose classic ones.

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