10 Beauty Products to Get Rid of

In the new year, you need to throw away various lumber from your life, your wardrobe, and a dressing table drawer. If you cannot say resolute goodbye to an annoying admirer or comfortable jeans that have holes in several places, there is a simple way to say “Goodbye!” to the unnecessary representatives of the beauty-arsenal.


1. Lipstick of purple and pink tones

Feel free to part with the “cold” purple or pink lipstick and lip gloss. These shades are not able to refresh the complexion. On the contrary, they visually add a few extra years and may wear out your image.

2. Cream with SPF which remained after the last vacation

Only positive impressions, suntan and collected sea shells should be brought from a vacation. As for the jar with the remnants of the cream with SPF, which has already visited the beach many times with you, it is better to be left at the hotel – it occupies too much space in your suitcase. In fact, an opened anti-ultraviolet cream can survive up to several seasons in a row under the condition that it is stored properly. When leaving it in direct sunlight or on the beach, just in the heat, you are violating this condition. As a result, such a product can cause allergies or provoke sunburn.

3. The wrong face cleanser

Foam and soap products have a longer shelf life. But such products must be chosen very individually. For example, the scrub which was used by your sister with a mixed type skin is absolutely contraindicated to people with dry skin. The girls with oily skin will certainly find this cleanser with an oil structure uncomfortable.

4. Body cream with a strong odor

Body milk with tangible perfumes has one advantage – you can be sure that the manufacturer does not save money on ingredients. But on the other hand, this cream may create a very unpredictable flavored cocktail with your toilet water. If you cannot reject the pleasure of being fragrant all over the body – give preference to the perfumes, which have designed bath lines.

5. Glitter Hairspray

It is necessary to get rid of glitter hairspray that is left after the New Year day as if it were unwanted evidence. Glitter in the hair is equally unfashionable and inappropriate on the first and last days of the year and during the year as well.

6. Pearl colored shadows for eyelids

Of course, bright, glossy eye makeup can be applied on the catwalk, with professional makeup artists involved, and on the red carpet (where they also work). In unskilled hands, the brush and pearl colored shadows can work wonders, turning a sophisticated young lady into a saleswoman from the meat department.

7. Extra strong fixation styling

The hairspray marked as «extra strong» is good for theater ballet dancers and almost useless in the lives of the viewers. There is nothing worse than the hairstyle that moves without changing its shape at one second delay after you turn your head, or when your beloved man gets stuck in your crispy curls, touching them with a hand in the moment of passion.

8. A comb with metal teeth

This beauty device should have been got rid of a long time ago. And it is not prejudice because such a comb hurts hair (especially wet hair). It is also better to throw away the gum with a metal insert – it promotes losing hair much more than its completely elastic substitutes.

9. Too dense and noticeable foundation

If the foundation is clearly visible on the face, you can safely throw it away as trash or put in the museum of antiquities. The best experts in beauty industry have been trying for a few years to create a light formula with good covering capacities. If you are worried about pimples, redness and puffiness, mask them locally with a denser concealer, and do not apply thicker layers of foundation.

10. All cosmetics with expired shelf life

If you have not used any product for six months or a year, you can safely send it to trash. You also need to get rid of makeup with expired shelf life. Usually it can be kept for a year or two. But there are exceptions: dry compact powders and shadows can serve up to 3 years, if the surface is not greasy (the reason for this is the cream and sebum, spread with a sponge or applicator: there are hordes of bacteria in such a product.