Pubic Liposuction to Become a 2015 Hit

Plastic surgeons report about the strange new trend in intimate cosmetics. An increasing number of women pay for the pubic liposuction surgery.


Pubis or mons pubis is a soft tissue formation, located just above the external genitals on the pubic bone. Most women have a little fat deposit on pubis, and this is what suddenly began to cause their hatred.

Recently, the girls had a fashion for thin thighs, which were expected to create a gap between them when the legs were touching, and now women started to fight with another part of the body. According to The New York Times newspaper, this year the new “hot” part of the female body has moved to the area between the tip of the panties and labia. Today, you can see model Hannah Davis’ perfect pubis on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Great! Another area of the body that will make women hate themselves.

#Monspubis hashtag has already started its wandering on Twitter. There are a lot of forums where women discuss their attitude to pubic fat and how to get rid of this “defect”. There is even a cosmetic surgery on pubis, which allows achieving the desired result. Mons plastic surgery is the procedure that reduces bulging pubis with the help of skin lifting.

After weight gain, birth of a baby, or simply due to aging, pubis increases in size. Plastic surgeons tighten the skin and strengthen the muscles and tissues to improve the appearance of this area of ​​the body. According to some experts, pubic liposuction will be one of the most popular surgeries in the coming year.

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