7 Celebrities with Exotic Pets

Celebrities love to be original in everything, even in their relationship with pets. They pamper their cats and dogs: they buy expensive branded clothing and accessories, start their pets’ pages in social networks, and take them to spa-salons and public parties. But some of them are not interested in this: they like unusual pets. Which Hollywood star shares his breakfast with a pony? Which actress keeps a rare primate in her house?

Nicolas Cage’s cobras


Hollywood’s chief eccentric and winner of the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” awards, Nicolas Cage has always had a passion for unusual pets, especially predatory and dangerous ones. In his Los Angeles mansion, he had an octopus, a domesticated monitor lizard, alligators and king cobras. However, after financial difficulties in 2008, the actor was forced to sell most of his real estate and pet collections. He had parted with two favorite cobras, Moby and Sheba. Having learned from the interview about poisonous snakes that live in Cage’s house, the neighbors demanded to send the reptiles to the zoo.

Michael Tyson’s pigeons

The most famous award-winning boxer Michael Tyson has loved pigeons since childhood. At the age of ten years, when he was unable to fight, he ventured to punch a bully, who tortured a pigeon in Mike’s presence. The offender of birds was then seriously beaten by quiet Michael.

Tyson’s dovecote is located in the New Jersey co-op, which is looked after by dove trainer Vinnie Torre. The boxer is very proud of his birds, including many with a great pedigree. Tyson cannot explain his affection for pigeons. He does not know why he likes them; he feels ridiculous trying to explain it. It is possible to learn more about Iron Mike and his pigeons from the documentary series “Taking on Tyson”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pony

“Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger has a real weakness for pets. In addition to dogs and cats, there is a pony in his house. In his microblog, Schwarzenegger posted a picture where you can see him feeding a pony with carrots. In a comment to the picture Arnold remarked that if anyone noticed him losing weight, it was Whiskey’s guilt. He joked the pony was stealing his breakfast every morning. Well, the famous actor can afford having such an animal in the house because his mansion in Brentwood occupies more than 1000 square meters.

Miley Cyrus’ mini pig

Miley Cyrus’ house can perfectly fit several dogs and a mini pig named Bubba Sue. On her Instagram page, Miley often shares photos of her pets. In these pictures, you can see the “good old” Miley Cyrus, charming and sincere.

Cara Delevingne’s rabbit

British model Cara Delevingne bought a rabbit last year. She gave not just a nickname to it, but a real “human” name – Cecil Delevingne. In addition, she created her pet’s account in Instagram. However, the rabbit does not visit it regularly.

Dominic Monaghan’s insects

Actor Dominic Monaghan, known to many people due to the film “Lord of the Rings” and the TV series “Lost”, is an extraordinary guy. His main hobby is insects. Thanks to the documentary series “Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan,” millions of viewers were able to learn a lot of interesting facts about the largest, most dangerous and frightening insects and reptiles on the planet.

Dominic “faces” insects not only on the set: they live in his house. Monaghan’s main favorites are a black widow spider and a mantis.

Justin Bieber’s Python

Justin Bieber has had various pets: a hamster, a monkey, and a dog. In 2011, he appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony with a small albino python, which twined his arm like a fashion accessory. Bieber said the snake’s name was Johnson, and eventually it would grow more than 1 meter in length. However, the pet had to grow without the owner: Justin just “used” it for a spectacular appearance at the event and then sold it at a charity auction. However, the python had a good fate: the benefactor that had bought it passed the snake to the Minnesota Zoo.

And what exotic pet could you have at home?

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