Most Valuable Career Tips for Expats

Well, you like it over there, but the problem is you weren’t actually born there and your native language is not English. It’s alright when it comes to visiting the nearest supermarket or chatting with your neighbours, but what if you aspire to venture into a professional field? Mastering English will become a priority. How ready are you for this?

Of course, much depends on what course you are going to pursue. Some of the most popular expat fields are hospitality, education and tourism, business and marketing/PR. If you are interested in a career in marketing, you might want to consider studying the English vocabulary for marketing and advertising. However, before you take the plunge, you are well advised to follow some logical steps.

One: deliberate on choosing your career

This is not as easy! Don’t just rely on your basic preferences. Concentrate on your strong points instead and see which ones you can develop best. If you decide to invest into a profession, make sure you take personal growth into consideration. If you already have certificates or professional credentials acquired abroad, check if they are recognized in your new home country. They might be a great help when later on applying for a job.

Two: go online

Create a blog, subscribe to other professional blogs, join interest groups to get first-hand knowledge of job duties. You will know what to expect once you have committed to a subject and, if you are active, you may draw the attention of managers looking to recruit online.

Three: be ready to tackle your doubts

You are guaranteed to face situations you weren’t expecting; don’t let it get you down. You are supposed to be flexible and every good plan should imply some sorts of adaptations. Doubts are not meant to throw you off the track, but to show you the way to better fit into the great picture of your future.

Four: design a convincing personal brand

Once you have decided what qualities you are going to build on, what challenges you are facing and how you can promote yourself, you should be ready to create a really impressive brand that will single you out and emphasise the attributes that will make you successful.

Five: learn as much as you can about local culture

In order to focus on your professional development, you need to do your homework; learn about the ways and attitudes you will have to accept as your own. No matter how great your qualifications are, you need to blend with your immediate surroundings, both at work and in your neighborhood.

Six: get a mentor help

Look around for people working in the same environment and try and make friends. If you succeed, you can ask for referrals, references, and advice. Keep up the relationship even once you are are an established professional.

And what’s most important: learn to exhibit your worth

Your coveted expat destination has a lot of applicants who wear their achievements on their sleeves. You will have to compete with them, so make sure you are able to state clearly and explicitly what you succeeded in, for what company and how profitable it turned out to be. Use figures, percentage, graphs. It can make your job interview a walkover instead of a much-dreaded trial that could drive you nervous beyond belief. And if your language is impeccable, you will come out as a winner.