3 Companies That Are Fighting Fashion and Helping the Planet

It wasn’t that long ago clothes would be made that would be both fashionable and durable.

Nowadays, people purchase clothes more and more frequently in this fast fashion society of ours and get rid of the ones that have been outdated even slightly after hardly any use whatsoever.

Trends don’t last in the market for long. This is because there’s always a new style or design being pushed by either a major fashion brand or a company that’s looking to sell and offload more products or goods to consumers. Because of this every fashion company or brand is coming up with new designs to grow at a rapid rate.

Companies that are in the fashion industry dump their products too instead of selling them at a cheap affordable price so that the brand may remain valued in the eyes of consumers and held in high esteem in the eyes of potential buyers or new customers. This high production fast fashion culture is having a tremendously negative impact on our environment both in the use of raw materials, energy production and the waste product that is left over. Landfills are full of unused clothes, shoes, perfumes, glasses, just naming a few fashion items on the long list. To compound the problem, some of these items that are thrown away by the big brands but others are burned further polluting the atmosphere.

Here are 3 companies that are fighting fast fashion and helping the planet.

1. SOLO Eyewear

This company deals with sunglasses. They are committed to living and giving, and they partner with the Aravind Eye Care System as a way to give back to society. They usually donate 10% of their profits which helps to provide eye examinations, cataract surgeries, and glasses to people in need.

They make their sunglasses using repurposed bamboo and recycled plastic for their frames. These frames last long and you do not need to keep purchasing new ones. You just require new lenses to replace the old ones on the same old frame.

Replacing sunglass lenses is less costly than purchasing new sunglasses. It also helps to care for the environment due to less waste production.

2. Eileen Fisher

This is one of the leading companies that support sustainable fashion. Their clothes are made from organic and sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and organic linen. They have goals to produce 100% organic cotton and linen fibers clothes, dyes that are responsible and produce no waste.

The clothes produced by organic fabrics are really expensive and might chase people away from purchasing. However, with this costs, people will not buy them too frequent and good thing, they last long. These organic fabrics help the planet by eliminating fast fashion and therefore reducing waste.

3. Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is another company that is fighting fast fashion. It supports sustainable fashion in a unique way. This company purchases designer clothes and rents them out to individuals.

Get the clothes, wear them a few days then return them back to Rent the Runway instead of dumping them, and get another garment from them. They clean the clothes properly before renting them out to another customer.

It also supports sustainable fashion in other ways such as recycling plastics, it uses responsible methods for dry cleaning their clothes and it purchases outfits that last long from different designers. They help reduce the waste from the fast fashion that is thrown away, by purchasing them and getting them into use.

These three companies are helping the planet by fighting fast fashion. You should support them by purchasing their fashion products and reduce dumping of your items.

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