19 Tips to Get through a Job Interview Successfully

Here is an assortment of tips that can help you stay matter-of-fact and collected at the most formidable interview. Bolster yourself up as much as you can and then go out to show your worth to employers and impress them with your prowess.


1. Get ready

You ought to have everything at your fingertips – your forte, your experience, achievements. Imagine that you have to deliver a presentation of your personal project, and have it all pat.

2. Investigate the company

Browse newspapers, annual reports, S&P, what not, and glean as much as possible about the company. Showing the interviewers that you know things about your perspective employers will make you out as an astute and think-ahead person.

3. Emulate the company dress code

Try and find out what is the company’s dress policy. Even if they are corporate casual, you could do well with a more formal outfit, stick to formal clothes if you are in two minds.

4. Be punctual, so arrive earlier

It will never do to come late, so make sure you are punctual by arriving about half an hour earlier than the set time. This way you will have time to secure a parking place, get to the spot and brush up on yourself.

5. Be enthusiastic

The very first minutes of your interview can be decisive, so display enough enthusiasm about the position, at least so much as to avoid suspicion of indifference. Present yourself as a positive person.

6. Put on a friendly appearance

Be bright, keep smiling, greet everyone you meet – your evaluation may get unexpected boost from other staff members you meet on your way there.

7. Display confidence

People are apt to associate a successful professional with a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem. You will do well to show that you are sure of your abilities and don’t think much about possible difficulties.

8. Rehearse your answers

You know some of the questions that will be asked, so why not get your answers rehearsed beforehand? You won’t have to stop to think about the best way to put it, you won’t keep your interviewers waiting until you have collected your thoughts.

9. Be a little more active

The interview will sound far more impressive if you don’t just answer the questions but will be able to provide a few insights of your own. Your well-placed comments may help you stand out of the rank-and-file applicants. Of course you are not to interrupt the interviewer.

10. Highlight your abilities

Make sure to produce a very positive and proactive attitude. Play up all your abilities in all fields of work: using computer, training other personnel, overcoming obstacles. Issues like revenue and cutting down costs are always welcome as instances of your business acumen, especially if you can explain how you achieved it and quote figures.

11. Have your main strengths learnt by heart

Your salient points may be discussed for quite a while; better be ready to furnish all the details, for you may well get hired on the strength of this part of your interview. Since you have done research on the company, you are supposed to know that they need these qualities, so if you sound detailed and enthusiastic about them, you are sure to create a very positive impression.

12. Offer expanded responses

Interview is about communication – so show that you are open and communicative, when you can, give expansive responses, allowing your interviewer to assess your knowledge, intellect and ability to explain things lucidly.

13. Get examples at hand

Your statements will sound much more persuasive if backed up with examples and details. Thus you will create a highly realistic and practical picture. So, have your claims well corroborated.

14. Maintain attention

Listen carefully all through the interview. Sit inclined forward, keep up eye contact, gesticulate (but not too much). Your body language must speak of unflagging interest and involvement. This way you keep the interview on a good energetic level. Try to do so even if it’s not your first interview on that day – you’ve got to keep the energy up to the very end.

15. Avoid arrogance

Whatever your abilities and self-assurance level, stay on the right side of it and don’t slip into cockiness. Nobody is likely to take to a too overbearing attitude.

16. Pose intelligent questions

Show your analytical abilities and understanding of your prospective work by making up several probing questions about what you learned of the company during your research. Don’t let the wish to chat away run away with you.

17. Don’t talk bad of your previous positions

Even if you have good grounds to tramp your previous job and/or co-workers into mud, never do it. No-one wants this kind of attitude however well-earned it is, but you may be suspected of shunning responsibilities and taking issues about it afterwards.

18. Accentuate that you are interested

It will serve you well to show once again that you are interested in the offer as the interview is drawing to its end. Without creating an overstatement, make it known that you would like to be informed about the next step and would certainly proceed with your claim.

19. Keep your objective in view

State at the beginning of the interview that you are aimed to pass on to the next interview or to get an offer. Should you fail to pass, ask what was deficient about your skills or you personally. You may not gain much by it in this particular case, but the answer may give you valuable insight of what employers are expecting.

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