Jobs of the Future

Some professions could previously be imagined as a part of a futuristic universe, but not of everyday life. However, many of them are real and demanded today.


A UAV operator

UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. These devices, aka drones, have a great potential, and we are going to use them in all spheres of life: from military to everyday life. Mark Zuckerberg, for example, wants to establish the Internet connection using drones, and some online retailers are testing the delivery of goods by air. Anyway, the profession of a UAV operator is becoming more popular. So if you can operate such a device perfectly well, get ready to submit a resume.

A designer of clothes, printed on a 3D-printer

Earlier, it was called a “fashion experiment,” but today we have got used to the clothing, printed on a 3D-printer. It has appeared on all the catwalks from Milan to New York, and the decorations created in such a way have become a commonplace thing for fashionistas. The more available this technology becomes, the more useful the designers will be if they know how to work with 3D-printers.

An augmented reality architect

Virtual reality and augmented reality are the terms used by movie directors, video game makers, doctors, and therapists. An augmented reality architect is, in fact, building a new world full of opportunities and emotions. This profession will become popular very soon, as the technology of augmented and virtual reality is used not only for entertainment, but also to treat people.

A personal indicators analyst

Every day we count everything that can be counted. The amount of calories we eat, steps we make or liters of water we drink. We obtain the information about our own health: the heart rate, the quality of sleep, the activity phase… It is still not enough. It is important not only to know the indicators, but also to understand what they mean. For this purpose, you will need a personal analyst – someone who can interpret the data and build a customized plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Judging by how popular fitness trackers and smart watches are, all of us may soon require a specialist.

A smart city planner

It is time for architects to start taking into account the development of smart technologies while dealing with urban planning, to implement them in buildings, streets and parking lots. An appropriate city infrastructure should be established. Jobs with this name increasingly appear on the leading job search sites; this means the world needs city planners of a radically new level.

A tester of smart measuring systems

Due to the fact that our apartments are getting smart, we need a new measuring system that would link together digital technology and housing and communal services. So, if you need to connect the work of corresponding devices and, for example, your water supply, you will need to teach them to “communicate”. In England, a similar measuring system has been created and presented this fall.

A smart networks architect

Smart networks are a concept that is becoming increasingly popular with architects. The idea is to combine the most effective resources, modern eco-technology and scientific knowledge, while creating clean and green cities. The position of a smart networks architect will be suitable for a person equally good at engineering and planning cities.

A database architect

The process of analyzing the data is changing. The amount of information required for normal performance has become much bigger. Therefore, the one who can interpret and organize massive amounts of data will be one of the most sought-after workers.

An expert on alternative currencies

Bankers can begin to worry: very soon, their services will be not so demanded as they are now. Perhaps the dollar will for some time remain more interesting to us than anything else. But it will not last long because alternative currencies, like bitcoins, are becoming more influential. Certain specialists would help to understand fluctuations, to learn to predict the behavior of the exchange rate and, more importantly, to make a profit with the help of alternative money. The services of such a person are becoming more necessary.

Managers in the field of e-commerce

Retail shops display a tendency to leave their offices and work fully online. There is an explanation: a variety of platforms for sales and an incredible number of tools to attract the customers substitute for the traditional methods of doing business. Such shops need an expert and a manager who would be able to adequately run online business. Although earlier this niche was not taken seriously, the future of e-commerce is beyond reasonable doubt today.

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