Makeup Mistakes and Corrections

Makeup mistakes can be made even by those who enjoy very good makeup. It is important to be able to fix them without spending a lot of time. After all, we usually do makeup in the morning before going to work or to a meeting.


Too much foundation?

This is a very common situation. Everything is logical: we want to cover up all the imperfections, spots and irritations, so we sometimes put more foundation than is required. But do not worry, this error is not fatal.

How to fix. Do not try to wash off excess foundation with a makeup remover and then apply patches of foundation again. There is a simple tip on how to get rid of “the cake effect” on the face. By the way, this tip is used by professionals. Lightly moisten a clean sponge and apply it on all the areas of the face where there are clusters of cream. As a result, you will see a thin layer of foundation on your face; besides, the skin will be moistened.

Too dark eyeshadows?


Not all eyeshadows are equally pigmented, and sometimes you may come across a product that gives unexpected color intensity. An unclean sponge or brush can be another reason for too dirty or intense colors.

How to fix. You can try to shade too dark eyeshadows more carefully. But if it does not work (as a rule, this happens if you use a wet method of makeup or a creamy product), you will need translucent crumbly powder. Apply a layer of powder over the eyeshadows, and the color intensity will get lighter.

Spider legs?

Despite the fact that podium makeup artists sometimes exploit this theme successfully, and even try to deliberately create matted eyelashes with lumps, such makeup does not always bring you satisfaction in everyday life.

How to fix. Although the Internet has made Audrey Hepburn’s super tip popular, we do not advise to use it. She said she used a pin to carefully separate all eyelashes after applying makeup. What a terrible procedure!

In fact, you just need a very elastic and dense clean brush resembling a toothbrush. You may also have to buy a high-quality set for eyebrows and eyelashes; such makeup sets usually include a special brush for lumps. But the best way to prevent spider legs is to remove excess mascara from the brush with a napkin before using it.

Too much blush?


After several unsuccessful attempts to apply blush, too many women prefer to give it up. This is a mistake. Blush helps to revive the complexion, rejuvenate the skin, and create volume. And the most important mistake in using blush is choosing an extremely intense color.

How to fix. It is good to have a clean wide brush (such as Kabuki) for this purpose. If the blush is friable or compact, you may sometimes need to simply remove the blush with a clean brush. Another method is to apply light powder on top. Do not forget to remove excess blush from the brush before applying it. It’s enough to tap the edge of the brush on any surface a couple of times.

Too dark eyebrows?

Filling eyebrows with a pencil or shadows, you can achieve very high color intensity. It is not a grave mistake for a photo shoot or a dramatic evening makeup. But in natural lighting too dark eyebrows may not look very attractive.

How to fix. Take a cotton swab and clean the eyebrows. But do not do it against the hair growth, otherwise there will be uneven places and blemishes. Clean them in the direction of hair growth a few times, and you will see that the tone of the eyebrows is getting lighter.

Smudged mascara?


It’s not even a mistake, but a little trouble, which is very simple to remove.

How to fix. Let the mascara get dry; do not rub the stain as long as it is fresh. Then take a cotton swab, dip it into the product for removing makeup from the eyes, spread it on a stick, make sure it is not too wet, and remove mascara from the skin. It will disappear very quickly. When you apply makeup on eyelashes, tilt the head back and start from the lower lashes. It will be less likely that you stain the skin of the eyelids.

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