3 Reasons a College Education is Still the Way to Go

Being in college and making it through the hardships is not an easy feat. There are difficult courses to worry about, money to pay, a social environment to get used to and, at the end, the stress of interviewing for a job that you may or may not get.


All of these things will leave one wondering if college is the right path, if the college experience is really worth it. Despite the reservations, a college education is still the way to go and here are some reasons why.

College Graduates are a More Marketable Group

Every year the percentage of individuals with a college degree grows. Over 30 percent of people have earned their Bachelor’s degree which correlates with an increase in competition when applying for a job. It’s true that while searching for a career, one will be up against a number of people interested in the job and most of them will have degrees to back them up.

At this point, a college degree is the standard and not having one puts an individual at a disadvantage. For some jobs, it doesn’t matter what the degree is in, so long as the person applying has a degree. Employers view college as a place where specific skills relative to the job are taught, but also where critical thinking, writing and reasoning is learned.

The Return on Investment Remains in the Positive

Even though a lot of money goes into paying for a Bachelor’s degree, and even more goes into attending graduate school, there is still a positive return on a college investment. With the economic opportunity for one with a degree outweighing the cost of the degree itself, college graduates put themselves in a good place for a lucrative job down the line.

College graduates will make over 80% more over the course of their lifetime, but it’s important to view a college degree as an investment and research the labor market for the major, especially given the current economic recession. Choose a degree path that will reward you in some way is perhaps the most important aspect of obtaining a college degree.

More Connections are Made in College

Whether a student looks for schools for Business Administration in Miami or chooses to attend a law school in New York, connections are made. You’re likely to meet valuable connections while attending that school for business administration. The partner on a group project, the dorm mate, the new friend from the cafeteria can each be someone whom a student can later turn to for assistance or advice.

The group project partner can turn out to be an advertising executive, the dorm mate could score a job as an engineer, and the new friend in the cafeteria can potentially be a doctor someday. College is a place to grow and learn, but it’s also a place to foster new relationships that can take you into your future.

College is stressful and many who start their educational journey don’t finish. There are financials to contend with and overall, it may seem like college just isn’t worth it. But, with a great outlook and smart decisions when it comes to your major, a college education is still the way to go.

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