5 Customer Care Tips For The Beauty Industry

It’s no secret that customer care is essential for all businesses, regardless of the industry. When it comes to the beauty industry, however, it’s more important than ever that we take a look into how we can provide the best customer services – after all, customer care is at the center of any beauty salon or clinic. Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend countless hours or an eye-watering amount of money to be the best of the best. Below we’re exploring five customer care tips for the beauty industry to help you get the best customer loyalty, greater brand awareness, and bigger profits.

Be Friendly

We understand that it probably sounds cliché, but it really is essential that you’re friendly to new and existing customers alike from the moment they ring to book the appointment until they leave at the end – and sometimes even beyond that!

Regardless of whether you’re slammed with back to back appointments, or are simply pre-occupied sharing stories from over the weekend, it is vital that you put whatever you are doing aside and put the customer first, in order to show that you truly think of them as more than their money. Politely greeting your customers in a professional but friendly manner with a genuine smile, for example, goes a long way in terms of a good first impression. You can ultimately adapt your tone over time, but starting off polite will significantly improve the level of customer service your clients feel they are receiving.

It’s The Small Things

Above all, clients like to think that they are your favorite client, so when a customer tells you about their child’s birthday party coming up or their exciting plans for the weekend, make the effort to seem interested and ask them about it.

Moreover, why not go one step further and make a client note with things to remember and remind yourself of them before your client’s next visit? Rest assured this will mean that you will have something to talk about, and we can guarantee that your client will be blown away! Remembering the small things is completely free and certainly goes a long way to make their experience better, and improving your relationship.

Communication Is Essential

When it comes to customer care in the beauty industry, communication is essential. Ultimately, you must remember to always listen to your client’s feedback and/or suggestions. Whilst they might not be experts in the field like you are, they certainly know what they are happy to pay and what they feel looks good on them. If in doubt, ask questions! Asking questions doesn’t display uncertainty, it shows that you care and want to ensure they are content with the final outcome.

Helpful Appointment Reminders

If you haven’t already considered blasting out helpful appointment reminders to remind your clients of when their appointment is penciled in for, you should! Something as simple as sending a client a quick appointment reminder, whether it is via text message, email or phone call, shows that you run a professional and caring business. As well as being of use to the client, sending appointment reminders will prevent the frustration of a client not arriving at an appointment because they simply forgot. It’s a win-win!

Know Your Products

In the beauty industry, customers are likely to ask you about the range of products that you are using on them, whether it is on their face, hands, feet, hair or beyond. Moreover, they will often ask for you to recommendations based on their needs, and thus you need to confidentially know all of the products that you are using in order to upsell them to your clients. By not knowing anything about the products you are using, you are certainly not filling your customers with faith that you know what you are doing!

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