World’s Weirdest Banned Things

The Government of each country is trying to accept the laws that aim to protect the rights of their citizens and improve the quality of life in the country. But sometimes legal restrictions are so absurd that they cause no other emotions among the inhabitants of the country, except laughter.


USA: the ban on the sale and import of Kinder Surprise

From 1938 on, the sale of chocolate eggs has been banned in America. It was believed that the toy inside the egg was potentially dangerous, as it could be swallowed by kids. It was agreed that the ban would be lifted on condition that the yellow capsule, located inside the egg, would partly be visible from the outside. Even a child would then know that it is necessary to remove the inedible part of the product.

The Philippines: the ban on all movies with Claire Danes

American actress Claire Danes offended the authorities in Manila with her statement about the capital of the Philippines. In an interview, Danes once bitterly criticized the city. The insulted Manila government issued a ban for all the films with the actress to appear in the city.

Singapore: the import and sale of chewing gums

A chewing gum has been banned in Singapore since 1992. The fact is that a simple gum once caused the failure of trains in the subway. After some time, this product has become commercially available, but only in the city’s pharmacies.

Malaysia: the ban on yellow clothes

The ban on the use of the yellow color in clothes and accessories is politically motivated. The fact is that the opposition activists, protesting against unfair elections, used yellow clothes to recognize their associates from afar.

Australia: the ban on porn featuring women with small breasts

The Australian government has decided to ban the screening of films for adults, in which the girls with very small breasts are filmed. In their view, such videos could promote pedophilia in men and could distort the image of how the breasts of a grown woman look like.

Canada: the ban on advertising and using baby walkers

According to the Canadian government, walkers not only harm the motility of the organism, but also create mental health problems. A huge number of injuries were recorded in the country during the use of baby walkers, and that was the reason for the ban on using this accessory.

UK: it is not allowed to die in the Houses of Parliament

The man, who dies in the building of Westminster Palace, is to be buried at the state’s expense, with all the honor and tribute. It is assumed that the ban on dying in this place will help the state avoid unwanted expenses.

China: the ban on reincarnation

The Chinese government has decided to prohibit the locals’ rebirth. But if you need it very urgently, it is possible to obtain the official permission for reincarnation, after you attend a number of official institutions.

Romania: the ban on Scrabble board game

In the early 1980s, the President of Romania initiated a ban for the residents of the country to buy the Scrabble board game. The Head of State referred to the fact that the game was anti-government and pernicious. Today, Romania has not only lifted the ban, but also formed its own federation of Scrabble gamers.

Japan: the ban on dancing in nightclubs

Due to the fact that most of the night clubs in Japan were used as a platform for prostitution, it was decided to ban dancing in these places. The Government considered that in this way it would be easier to control the entertainment activities. Today, some nightclubs in Japan have a special license that allows dancing, but such clubs are sometimes not easy to find.