Sicis Wed the Bathtub and the High-Heeled Shoe

The freshest stunning idea for the Bathtub Collection was to create three bathtubs resembling high-heeled shoes as closely as possible. They are 74 cm high, 270 cm long and 101 cm wide, the width at the top of the heel being 40 cm. A beautiful mosaic depicting butterflies, flowers, natural patterns decorates the outside giving the tubs a gorgeous gloss.

High Heel Bathtub

The tubs carry elegant names of Audrey 01 (done in silver), Audrey 02 (blue and white), and Audrey 03 (pink added).

Sicis Audrey 1 Bathtub

Sicis, the company responsible for that outburst of bold designing, specializes in just that kind of unique creativity, also goes under the name of the Art Mosaic Factory, and mosaic ornaments are inevitably present on all their products. Their items are made from all kinds of materials from stone, marble, steel and gold to iridium, murano and smalto.

Sicis Audrey 2 Bathtub

Sicis Audrey 3 Pink Bathtub

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