Kamasutralap for Work Obsessed

It will be a while until we are born with in-built laptops, so for the time being the Kamasutralap is a mighty useful thing that can give us a hint or two about the most comfortable positions to make love to your computer… sorry, to get on with your work.

Positions for work at laptop

Dedicated bloggers can also improve the tone of their posts having found for themselves an exciting position they haven’t thought of before. A long-hours socializing will leave you without creaking parts of your body afterwards once you have grasped the significance of giving your body the right twist.

While some postures do resemble yoga asanas, others suggest interesting variations like taking your laptop to the toilet with you. But maybe there are computer wizards who have already tried out all these positions? Or there is someone who can develop the project? Give another look at what you’re doing right now!

Source of the image: Newlaunches.

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