Internet Addicted Jennifer Aniston in Sky Broadband Video

Jennifer Aniston must have chosen a hotel with a perfectly tuned Wi-Fi for her recent vacation in Mexico with Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston

The celebrity’s fans have learned about her Internet addiction from the new TV commercial with Jen: Aniston convincingly starred in the promo video of the British ISP Sky Broadband.

According to the plot, Jennifer’s heroine suffers from constant problems with the Internet, so she comes to a café in search of a good Wi-Fi service. Here she orders a dozen cups of coffee to stay in the network longer, and caffeine produces some weird impact on Aniston: she catches insects in flight and nervously scratches her nose all the time.

A tender-hearted waitress helps her and suggests using the service of an advertised provider – not in the cafe, but in the comfort of her home. Agitated Jen calms down, when hearing that she will surely be able to access the Internet.

Jennifer gladly leaves the café, though she breaks the door on her way out – because of caffeine again! But the owners of the café forgive the pretty visitor this misconduct and see the strange guest out with a smile.