Awesome Ideas for a Virtual Date

These days distance surely presents no problem to relationships. Without contemplating long we go to the Internet to strike up new acquaintances looking for romance or stay together with the significant other. The offer is just too vast. You can enjoy a virtual museum tour, a wide choice of movies, or, if you feel like an active quality time, you can opt for training sessions and various classes. Whatever occupation you decide upon, you are sure to spend a good time and learn more about your partner.

Answering questions

You can’t imagine a date without an engaging conversation, and the more interested you are in your companion, the more personal the conversation is bound to be. Everybody likes to talk about yourself, and a date is the perfect time to set them chin-wagging. But to make it better, you have to have a store of interesting questions. But coming up with a really exciting question that will inspire your companion can be quite a job. You can fall back on a random question generator. Click on it to set it going and answer the coming questions by turns.

This way of passing the time is marvelous for the first date when you get to know the other quickly, but with a long-term partner you can also learn a few surprising things you didn’t know!

Try a virtual walk

Have you been sitting at the office desk all day? Time to shake yourself up a bit. Get into your outdoor attire, call up your significant other on FaceTime and hit the road heading for the nearest park or other fascinating place which you can describe and show your companion. Your respective walks can tell the other a lot about yourselves.

Choose a dish and cook it together

Cooking together via the Internet allows for different approaches to this exciting pastime according to your cooking talents and desire to experiment at the stove. You can set up the video and compare how your saliva-generating dish is coming along (and sit down to devour it afterwards, also together!). Or you can agree on a set of ingredients and see how each of you can use them and what you two come up with at the end. There will be more laughter in the kitchen than there ever was before, and the activity will make a good story or a blog entry afterward.

A movie that you both want to see

Teleparty and other applications like this are for you to let you spend a well-synchronized movie sit-back. Agree on a particular movie and discuss it as it proceeds in the app’s chat.

Sign up for a double date

Good friends will serve to make the event livelier and let the time pass faster! There is somebody both you and your partner miss and will be happy to rub shoulders with. It could be a little bit more difficult to arrange online, but as the invited tune in and create the bar-room atmosphere, it will definitely be an event to enjoy.

A pre-ordered dinner they don’t know about

After you have agreed on a date, you can order dinner for each other to arrive at the same time. Naturally, your partner is not meant to know what exactly you ordered for them; they get a surprise as they sit down at the table and, placing the smartphone before them, open the boxes and share their impressions while eating.

The thing is, you ought to be aware of the other person’s possible allergies and dislikes, so step carefully with a recent acquaintance.

There are lots of virtual museum tours to choose from

With the Internet at your disposal, there is no place on the globe you cannot visit! Cultural venues vie for your attention, and there are no crowds to block the view of your favorite exhibits.

Learn art together

Watching visual arts classes is especially interesting because it may end up in both of you creating something awesome! Discuss what art you would like to learn, sign up for the workshop and get busy on a project. You can paint, make small objects from clay, do origami, make effigies on T-shirts, showing the work in progress and conferring how to make it better. Go online for your partner to see you put the finishing touches on your creation.

If it is good enough it will make an excellent memorable present to your significant other.

Why not a sports date?

You could combine a date with generating endorphins and give a boost to your health. Even if your partner is not such a workout fiend, they may go along with you and let you have your sporting fun with your significant other watching. If they are sportive, you can think up a challenge or look up training courses that introduce you to new ways of working out.

When you pause for coffee, invite your partner

Instead of reaching mindlessly for your cup or walking to the coffee machine, arrange in advance for a coffee break together. Make a video call while the coffee is being made, exchange the latest news, and alternate chat and sips. Coffee lovers can order different brands of coffee, compare impressions and opinions and discover a favorite brand. Also, you can try out various ways to brew coffee if you are at home and have a few minutes to spare. You may even become a pro at brewing!

You can bring in additional fun touches to the coffee breaks – buy special cups or sets, maybe sculpt a cup of your own and decorate it appropriately.

Look for online concerts

You will surely enjoy watching your favorite band’s latest show together, even only online. Many bands and artists stream performances, so it can become your usual pastime in the long evenings.

Online games

Maybe even not online games, but table games, if you are more into this kind of thing. The choice is not just great, it’s overwhelming. If you are both competitive kind of people, you can still run up a high level of excitement, and the feeling that you were together will remain.

You can even dare to play Truth or Dare

True, this is not quite a kind of online game, many options are dead if you try it on the video, so the players will have to be very inventive to make the game really snappy. Begin from childhood or with sentimental questions before turning on the heat. As dare mounts, you can derive any amount of healthy excitement from the online evening together!

Read books aloud

If your partner has a pleasant timbre and can recite well, reading aloud is not such a boring pastime as it may seem in the first place. Organize a book club, take your favorite books off the shelf and prepare especially juicy extracts to regale your S.O. with. You may find yourselves immersed in an interesting discussion afterwards.

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