Factors to Consider For Your Custom Closet Organization

Does your closet look like a war zone? All of us can agree that dealing with an untidy and messy closet constantly is a tiring task. To tackle this issue, many people have opted for a total closet makeover. They get this makeover by hiring a professional custom closet company. This company helps in organizing the space and creating the perfect customized closets that meet their client’s requirements.

A custom closet company is one that has a team of designers who create customized storage space that suits their client’s needs. These designers will also recommend the best shelves and wardrobes that will help you have better organization in your bedroom. When you choose the right company, you can be assured of such quality service.

Gone are the days when customized closets were regarded as a luxury. Now, every homeowner loves the idea of maximizing their storage space. With so many companies in this industry, you cannot simply choose one at random for this service. You will need to take your time to search for a reputable custom closet company. It is necessary that you choose one from your area or locality. If you need help on how to search for these professionals in your area, check out some custom closet pro locations for assistance.

Now, let us discuss the important steps you should take when choosing a custom closet organization.

Important Steps to Take When Choosing a Custom Closet Organization

The following are some important steps to take when choosing one:

Understand Your Closet Needs

Any organization that you do to improve your homes’ value is to be taken seriously. To help you make a good decision, it is wise to take time and access your closet’s needs. Does it need a total makeover or does it only need change in a specific area like your shoes or clothes collection? How would you like to solve the issue?

Before you start looking for closet designers to hire, it is best to have a plan of what you want for the project.

Look for Personal Recommendations

After knowing what your needs are, the next step to take is to look for recommendations. It is possible for you to have trusted friends and family members that have had a customized cabinet project before, so why not ask them? Their first-hand experience is one way to find a reputable company for your project.

Conduct an Online Research

A lot of business transactions today are done online. With such an invaluable tool in your possession, you can use it to search for professional custom designers in your area. Take your time to carry out in-depth research on the companies that appears in the search result. When doing this research, ensure to keep the following factors in mind:


People will always have something to say about a service rendered to them. This is where reviews come in. When conducting research on the reputation of these professionals, use online reviews as a focal point. These reviews show first-hand experiences of their former and current clients. You can find these experiences on the company’s website or in third-party review sites like Houzz, Angie’s List, and Yelp.

Make sure that the organization you choose has enough positive ratings and experience from their customers. For other ways you can confirm a business reputation, check here.


Not all companies have designers that will specialize in the services that you want. Some may even claim to be a custom closet company, but still, hire subcontractors for certain services. Do not hire such organizations. They will not offer quality service to you. Instead, look for one that has designers that specialize in all closet organization services. This will ensure that the project is done right on time and professionally.


It is very important to consider the experience of a company. This doesn’t necessarily mean that new organizations will not provide quality services. However, organizations that have many years of experience in the industry are likely to offer more specialized services and will meet up to their warranties.


Most companies tend to display pictures of their past works on their website. Check this portfolio to see if they have done something similar to what you want. Also, consider whether the organization has an address to their showroom. If they do, visit the place for a better view of their custom closet options.

Quality of Materials

The quality of customization options a design team offers is determined by the quality of the materials they use. Choose a company that uses high-quality products. If possible, look for an organization that manufactures the products themselves.

Check for Their Qualifications and License

A good company will have designers that are qualified for the job. These professionals have been trained to combine styles and designs that will meet your needs. The organization should also have a license to operate in the industry. This certifies the professionalism and quality of their work.

Make Sure That They are Insured and Bonded

Customizing your space and cabinets come with risks. Someone from the team assigned by an organization might get injured during the project. You may end up incurring costs that you never budgeted for. To avoid such a situation, ensure that the company you choose has bonds and liability insurance on their workers. To understand how important this insurance is, read this article.

Check For Warranties

It is vital to hire an organization that offers warranties. This means that you can have any problems arising in the future corrected for free. A company that provides warranties indicates that they care about their customers and want the best for them.

Contact the Organization

This is necessary so that you can discuss with them and request a consultation. Professional organizations offer quality customer service. They will also offer free consultation to you. These companies will send a representative to come to your house and check out your closet. The designer may come with a portfolio of different customization options you can choose from. You will also get to discuss with the professional about your preference.

When you meet the designer, ensure to ask important questions. Some of these questions include:

  • How many years have you been in the business?
  • Do you buy or manufacture your products?
  • What accessories do you offer?
  • Do you offer total installation or specialized services?

Take note of their honest and precise answers to the questions. It will help you make further decision on whether you should hire their services or not. The designer might give you a quote or an estimate after checking your closet. If possible, contact two or three companies and repeat the same steps as mentioned. While comparing their estimates, keep in mind their reputation and experience in the type of customization you want.


Ultimately, having a customized closet will help you have the storage space of your dreams. So make sure to choose a reputable and experienced firm to make that dream a reality.

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