Funny Big Busted T-Shirts by Takayuki Fukuzawa

It is no secret that men love with their eyes, which is why every girl dreams having all men’s eyes on her. Alas, most of men’s attention is won by females with seductive bodies. What about the ladies, whose bodies could be different? Let’s say, with a bigger breast size.



At such moments, they can resort to creative miraculous T-shirts that imitate allegedly large breasts. One should pay tribute to the Japanese designer, Takayuki Fukuzawa, who came up with an unusual idea that changed the world upside down. Even guys try on his little masterpieces for fun…



It still remains a mystery for the majority what really prompted the designer to create this series of T-shirts. The latter, despite conflicting views and much debate on the part of the public, were scattered all over the world with the speed of sound.




They could have been created as a joke, or on the contrary they might have been created to really help the girls in such a delicate matter.



Whatever the reason was, they really managed to draw attention and raise the spirits.

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