Fake Pregnancy Funny?

There appeared fake pregnancy kits on the Internet, which include not only a positive test, but also a fake DNA result, where you can write the name of any man, a false belly, and even some ultrasound images of the fetus. Girls use it to test their boyfriends’ feelings, or just to play a trick on them.


Sites where you can buy a positive pregnancy test have long existed. The girls who are unsure about their boyfriends’ feelings or have an overdeveloped sense of humor buy these tests. Now, potential buyers are offered fake pregnancy kits, which include false bellies for different stages of pregnancy, ultrasound images, and even the results of the DNA paternity testing. Thus, the trick may continue well for several months.


There is a site, Fake A Baby, where you can buy all the components separately. Just for 15 pounds, they offer you a real medical certificate confirming pregnancy. Although it is clear what the girls need all these tricks for, the site requires signing an agreement, which states that the products will not be used for any illegal, immoral or fraudulent purposes. And at the bottom of the page there is a warning that the items can be used irresponsibly.

We can only wonder how girls will use the fake DNA analyzes, medical certificates and pregnancy tests.

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