American Dogs Get Tattoos Too

The residents of the Upper East Side have found a new way to highlight their exclusivity and glamour. Now it is fashionable not only to take your dog to a psychologist and a massage therapist, but also to make trendy tattoos for dogs.



To make the tattoo visible for everyone, there is also a job for hairdressers, who remove the dog’s hair. Animal lovers are explained that it is a temporary tattoo. Such “beauty” costs $100 for one tattoo. But many Americans still do not understand why this is necessary.

Lovers of tattoos for their dogs give a list of 5 benefits that a glamorous tattoo can give to their pets:

  • “In summer, dogs feel even better if their hair is cut”
  • “If I go out, I dress up, so why should my dog do without decorations?”
  • “Me and my dog ​are always dressed in the same style. But in summer, it’s hot for the dog to stay in clothes. Tattoos are the best solution for hot weather, and they can suit my outfit!”
  • “Dogs love it when they are paid attention to. If only you saw how the dog likes when its tattoo is photographed in the street!”
  • “This little stamp distinguishes my little dog from stray dogs.”

Do you find this idea cute or is it a torture for dogs?

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