72 Years Old Man Models in Girl's Clothes

72-year-old Chinese man, Liu Xianping, became world famous after the photos, in which he demonstrated his granddaughter’s clothes, had appeared in the Internet.

72 Years Old Granddad Models in Girly Clothes

All the clothing is from Yuekou trendy store, which sells clothes for teenage girls. Its fashion designer is the granddaughter of the 72-year-old androgynous model. The photoshoot started as a joke, but after the publication of these pictures on the Internet, the popularity of her grandfather and the clothing from this store increased (Yuekou sales have increased by five times).

The photoshoot was initiated by the granddaughter. She asked the grandfather to try on different models of clothing to find the right combinations. But the pictures turned out so successful that they became a part of the brand’s advertising campaign. And the grandfather says that he could not resist his granddaughter’s wish and really wanted to help her, so he happily agreed to try the girlish outfits.

Now all the critics point out that Liu Xianping has a beautiful figure, especially legs. He is even compared to Karl Lagerfeld, who also likes to pose in his senior age. However, not in women’s clothing.

The man himself says he does not see anything special about his action. The grandfather told the Chinese Newsweek that he was very old and cared only about how to be happy. On the day of the shooting, they had been happy, indeed.

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