21 Cool Coffee Mugs

Our collection of the coffee mugs with the most interesting design has been updated with new samples.


Most of us have a favorite cup at home and at work. We carefully protect it from our colleagues and the members of our family because it is convenient, it is very dear to us, and it is the only cup that brings us the most delicious coffee. That is because a coffee mug or a tea cup is not just a dish. This is a very personal item, which expresses the essence of its owner.

People tend to endow their cups with sentimental values and exaggerate their importance. Designers conduct incredible experiments with the form and the material of coffee mugs and tea cups.


A “flying” mug


Snap Cups provide a person with the right to choose which cup to drink from: with or without a handle.


Cupocket Mug is for those who feel a particular necessity to warm his/her hands on a cold day.


A toothy cup designed by Megawing is certain to discourage those who decide to use your property. While drinking, one can choose the side of the cup with a smooth edge or the side with the “teeth”. The drink will then slowly trickle through the interdental spaces of the shockingly realistic jaw.


Dutch illustrator Esther Horchner fancied a naked woman bathing in a cup of tea, with her clothes left on a saucer and a teaspoon.


Is it just me or is everything shit?


A Cookie Dunking Mug is a mug for cookies. Finally, you can safely dunk your favorite cookie in a cup.


Stylish mugs called “Fashion Victims” are developed by Israeli designer Yael Kristal.


Iron mug “Ironius”, coined by Lebedev Studio, can iron your clothes while the coffee in it is still hot.


A cup with a zipper is created by Megawing designers. The notch is done to conveniently fix the tea bag.


Plug Mug is an anti-theft system. It has been produced for those who do not like when strangers drink out of their cup.


Designer Sharona Merlin has developed thin cups.


Af first sight, this mug by designer Jorine Oorsterhoff is normal, but when you bring it to your mouth, it turns a human into a pig or a dog.


This grain of coffee is the invention for the fans of not too hot drinks. Firstly, it will cool your tea or coffee to 60 degrees and then it will maintain this temperature for a long time – about five hours.


The whole mug is made of coffee beans.


Enrique Luis Sardi, a designer from Venezuela, has developed an edible cup in collaboration with the Italian Lavazza coffee company. The cup is made from dough, coated with a sugar powder that serves as an insulator and makes the cup waterproof. First you drink the coffee, and then you eat the cup.


As conceived by designer Ronit Baranga, mugs on ceramic fingers create the illusion of being always ready to flee from the Tea Party – if they do not like the subject of the conversation, for example.


This cup is designed to violate the law of gravity. However, the needed angle of this mug can be achieved only when it is empty.


With this cup you will not need a spoon. A ceramic ball at the bottom of the mug will dissolve sugar.


A coffee mug which looks like a calendar is offered by designer Takeshi Nishioka.

And a few other examples are below.


Cups with the figures of animals hiding


A gun mug


And a moustache mug.

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