12 Shocking Great Britain Facts You Did Not Know

Great Britain is associated with “The Beatles”, Fish and Chips cafes, the Royal family, and the sights of London, familiar to everyone from school. Compared with the US or Russia, it has a measured way of life as one of the most influential states in the world. Nevertheless, some events in the country cause surprise, bewilderment and shock.


12. Alcohol consumption by minors

Describing traditional British people, we cannot say that alcohol is an integral part of their life. Nevertheless, the laws that allow drinking alcohol are rather loyal on the island. Despite the official ban on selling alcohol to those under 18 years of age, alcohol is actually freely available even for 5-year-olds at home.

11. Ban on horse meat

Despite the fact that people in many countries around the world eat products made from horse meat, it is strictly prohibited in the UK. In 2013, there was a resonant scandal concerning the consumption of horse meat, which resulted in the mass disturbances and confusion. As a result, every horse, pony, zebra, and donkey must have a passport, which allows them even to cross the border. The law not only protects the rights of animals, but also takes care of their masters’ nutrition, because, in the UK, horse meat is considered harmful to human body.

10. Slavery has been abolished recently

Despite the fact that slavery was officially abolished in the 19th century, the UK authorities had to make amendments to the law after the case of sexual slavery, which took place in April 2010. For example, in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, trafficking was banned in 1962, and in Mississippi, United States, it happened only in 2013.

9. Concentration camps

The British not only invented the television, the Internet and the Mini car, they are also authors of other, notorious inventions. Concentration camps, which are all associated with Nazi Germany, first appeared in Britain during the Second Boer War (1900-1902). Lord Kitchener, in order to fight the opposition, decided to imprison the Boers’ families in concentration camps. Thus, he prevented the population from supplying the rebels with food.

8. The birth of a child from three parents

In 2015, the British Parliament voted for the law allowing a child to be born from two women and one man. This has not been done in any other country. This method was developed by British scientists to prevent the genetically transmitted diseases in a child. In the DNA of the embryo, the damaged genes are replaced by other woman’s genes, so you can even prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child. Despite numerous protests and accusations that the British government intervenes in the affairs of the divine, most progressive people consider this method revolutionary.

7. Kate Middleton brings big profits

Having brought an income of 1 billion pounds to the UK treasury in 2012, Kate Middleton is the most popular member of the royal family, although the peak of her popularity is yet to come. In an effort to look, dress, and walk like Middleton, an average British woman spends more than £ 250. “Kate’s copycats “, the admirers of the future Queen, always try to buy the outfit, in which Kate has recently appeared in public.

6. Cocaine baby powder

In 2011, researchers found traces of high-quality cocaine in 92% of specially equipped public places where mothers can change their babies’ diapers. 9 out of 10 children’s bottles withdrawn at shopping centers, churches, and even police stations, contained traces of cocaine. Britain has since earned the nickname “the cocaine capital of Europe”.

5. Ancient history

If you study the history of Britain in detail, from the first tribes and barbarian invasions, the history of other European countries will look bleak. Just take the history of Stonehenge or the 200-year-old Windsor Palace. In the UK, they’ve recently found the oldest house in the world, which is about 10500 years old. It is 6000 years older than Stonehenge! According to scientists, the house, which is located in North Yorkshire, remembers people of the Ice Age.

4. The Nazis in the royal family

Edward VIII, the uncle of the current British Queen, Elizabeth II, is said to have rejoiced when the German Nazis came to power. The photo, which depicts the young prince surrounded by German Nazis, only confirms the above-mentioned. There is another picture and video, in which the would-be Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, welcome the audience with a Nazi gesture in 1933. The British royal family has deep German roots. Back in the times of the First World War, they changed their German name for the British version to avoid unwanted association with Germany.

3. 1 of 3 women had an abortion

Since 1967, abortion has been legal in England, Scotland and Wales, and is no longer considered something immoral or horrible. According to the statistics, the number of abortions increased dramatically from 154.300 in 1995 to 200,000 in 2013. The number of abortions caused by lack of contraception during sex shows that women are more concerned about their career than family.

2. Kill a Scottish

If you consider history, it becomes clear that the relationship between England and Scotland has always been tense and led to military conflicts. Recently, the relations between the Scots and the English have become tolerant; they do not strive to kill each other anymore, probably just defeat at a football match. However, researchers have found the old law of the city of York, which allowed killing the Scots if they were armed with arrows and bow.

1. The unpleasant truth about the British Empire

In its grandeur and size, the British Empire was one of the most powerful states in the world, which could only be compared with the Roman and Ottoman empires. It was home to 1/5 of the world’s population. Despite advances in the field of medicine, engineering, art and transport, the British Empire is accused of cruelty to other people, the creation of concentration camps, tortures, apartheid and other crimes, which were committed under the national flag.

There are, of course, no less strange and shocking facts about the US. Life is full of surprises, which are not always pleasant.

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