Tips for Dealing with Chronic Bad Luck

Mistakes in thinking and behavior, which manifest themselves as an inability to hear oneself and draw correct conclusions, lead a huge number of people to chronic bad luck. This, in turn, leads to a constant feeling of unhappiness and serious depression, which can often only be eliminated clinically. How can you overcome this and get out of the pit of bad luck in your life?

Most people tend to feel sorry for themselves and complain about various mystical circumstances associated with fate, supernatural power and the like, which have nothing to do with reality. This is a very convenient position to justify, which is essentially a road to nowhere.

A feeling of chronic bad luck often arises when someone has something that you also really want, but you don’t have it at the moment, and there is no idea how to get it. For example, money, relationships, talent, love. This also provokes great envy. Bad luck and envy are two inseparable friends.

Why is this happening?

Most often, a person does not know how to get what he wants at a given moment in his life. It seems that everything is given to someone, but nothing to him/her.

This is especially true of money. For example, when you see the luxurious life of other people on social networks, and you receive a small salary. Or when your friend’s husband buys another apartment or villa, presents her with diamonds and yachts, and you don’t even have an admirer who will give you at least a bouquet of flowers.

One way or another, the feeling of envy is inherent in a person with a chronic loser mindset. He has nothing, he does not know how to get it, and instead of looking for ways to solve the problem, he thinks about how unlucky he is, doing nothing at all. That is, in fact, he does not take responsibility for himself, but shifts it to circumstances or other people.

Failures come from not knowing how to realize your dreams and being unwilling to take responsibility for your decisions.

Everything turns out to be simple. You need to write down your plans, goals and desires, and then start to implement them. To be jealous means to spoil your mood, and a lot depends on it. If a person is happy, he will not even notice that something is missing. He does not want what his neighbor has, it does not matter to him what others have because, being in a state of happiness and joy, a person is satisfied with every moment he has lived.

The way of thinking of a chronic loser distorts the picture of the world, and the person does not see real things. It seems to him that something was not given to him, and the world is unfair.

In fact, we live in a world where everything has its own reasons, and we have the freedom to control our own destiny. The well-known proverb “You reap what you sow” confirms this. Everything depends only on us; no one imposes on us our feelings and emotions, no one controls them except us. We ourselves are free to choose how we feel at the moment.

So where does the change start?

One of the main solutions to the problem is to find and clearly define the “true desire” in oneself. In fact, it is not easy at all. You need to spend a lot of time alone with yourself, think and try to feel. Why do we get goosebumps inside us? What makes our inner happiness increase, when is adrenaline thrown into the blood? Maybe when we have a new job or a desire to visit another country? Or maybe even transform your life?

We’d suggest watching this video by Charisma on Command on how to find your passion:

One of the ideas they shared on their channel is imagine one day your wake up and have $100,000,000 on your bank account. What would you do? The things that are your true passion will most likely appear in your mind first.

Yes, mistakes are possible. Every person makes them. But some forgive themselves and move on, while others blame themselves for the rest of their lives and do not achieve anything.

Feelings of guilt and self-resentment do not lead to anything good. This is the easiest way: I punish myself, I feel guilt and resentment, so I do nothing and, accordingly, nothing happens in my life. It’s much harder to forgive oneself and stop blaming for the mistakes.

When you pay attention to this problem, you will begin to understand it yourself or with the help of professionals.

First, you will gradually unravel everything and see the real picture because as you look through your fears and resentment, the knot will tighten more and more. And when you can reason well, you will see the whole picture of your problem.

Secondly, when the first emotions and feelings subside, you can begin to look for the way out, see the pros and cons, and you will have the power to start moving in the right direction.

There is a parable about how a woman bought herself a box of apricots and every day she picked out a rotten fruit and ate it. She ended up eating a whole box of rotten apricots. Let’s analyze our life today to see if we have any rotten apricots.

Try to write down any choices you make throughout the day. Don’t try to memorize them, but write them down right in the morning.

For example: you got out of bed. There is always a choice of what to do first:

• Drink some water.
• Do exercises.
• Grab the phone and watch the news.
• Turn on the TV.
• Meditate.
• Think about how fed up with everything you are.
• Lie in bed.
• Look out the window and enjoy the view
• Rush to make breakfast fort he family.
• Take a shower.
• Observe and record your choices.

If you do everything honestly, you will be greatly surprised by your daily choice of actions. But your choice is your life. Allow yourself the best choice at the moment from what you have and make it a habit.

Stop eating rotten apricots.

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