How to Calm Yourself Down Instantly?

We are not always able to control negative emotions, even if we do not show them openly. When they accumulate, they create tension, which is quite difficult to cope with. But it is within our power to minimize stress with a few simple techniques.

Keep a pack of mints in the car

Researchers at the Wheeling Jesuit University of America have found that the peppermint scent in a car reduces irritability and fatigue. If you feel that having to wait in a traffic jam for a long time starts to freak you out, eat peppermint candy – not only the aroma and taste of mint has a calming effect, but also the process itself, distracting you from negative emotions.

Don’t watch or listen to the news

No, we are not encouraging you to live in isolation from the world. Just don’t turn on the news when you’re preparing dinner – and even more so during meals. The negative news that fills the information space increases stress and anxiety levels, and this is not at all what you need after a working day.

First, restore your mental and physical strength, and then move on to the news of the day. But do not postpone this activity too late – reading or watching the news (even neutral news) before bedtime will prevent you from falling asleep. Instead, listen to relaxing music or read a book.

Eventually, you will learn the most important news.

Remember to breathe

Sitting at a computer or using a tablet or smartphone, most people instinctively hold their breath and inhale much less often than necessary all the time that they look at the screen.

Slouching shoulders aggravate the position – the contracted diaphragm makes breathing even more difficult. As a result, your body does not receive enough oxygen, which not only increases anxiety, but also reduces work efficiency, and in the long term leads to digestive problems and undermines immunity.

Train yourself to take several deep breaths and exhalations from time to time and slightly change the position of the body – this stimulates blood circulation and therefore improves the supply of oxygen to the organs.

Eat raisins

Finding information on the internet is a tedious process, both physically and emotionally. When you realize that you are drowned in the sea of information, that you need to structure and analyze it in some way, eat some raisins – the glucose it contains will help relieve the symptoms of fatigue.

Get distracted

In order to recover emotionally, it is important not just to take regular breaks from work, but to really be distracted. You often find yourself thinking about work issues during lunch or coffee breaks. Try to just focus on the mundane things around you.

Look out the window, listen to the sounds, watch the coffee maker or the hands of the wall clock. With the help of such express meditation, you will quickly release the accumulated tension.

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