Things That Went Online Nowadays

Even if you’re not that old, there are still things you used in the past and don’t now anymore. Like recording things using VHS, looking up for an address in the address book or paying bills at the post office. Here’s the list of some more things we don’t do offline anymore. And that’s due to technology.


Making Shopping Lists

Before you leave for a store, do you think about what you are going to purchase? Even if you do, we’re pretty sure, you don’t use a paper and a pen for it. Instead, you find an app – and that’s it!

Reading Newspapers

Why buying so much paper, paying for it, storing it somewhere, making an extra space on your kitchen table, while you are reading for breakfast, and then throwing it away and paying for its recycling? Now we have all the latest online. So why not grabbing your iPad for it?

Playing Games

For those of you who are used to spending a lot of time with your family or friends at home playing board games, storing them may be a problem. Each of the games has a package, and each of them needs a place in your home. Thank God, now we have Internet everywhere. So, you don’t need a table and all this stuff for playing chess, monopoly, or bingo. And if you want to do it right now, just click here for no deposit bingo to have some fun.


Yes, you’ve read this correctly. Dating has also went (partly) online. You’ve surely heard of someone meeting their love online or falling in love when chatting without even seeing him or her in person. If you haven’t met your second half yet, try to do it online.

Learning Languages

You don’t need to attend a school for learning a new language anymore. You even don’t need to stand up from your couch. Skype lessons will do it for you. And sometimes you don’t even need a teacher to communicate with, because there are lots of free video lessons online. That’s how it goes nowadays.


If you’re an author or want to become one, you’re lucky to live today and have a computer. It can make a spelling check for you, help you organize your thoughts, make changes in any text you write at any time. All this without paper. And, of course, let’s not forget blogging and social networking.

Thus, live is changing. And it seems like these changes are for the better. So, use them and be thankful for living nowadays.

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