7 Unexpected Little Things Making You Happier

Every adequate person on Earth wants to be happy. But some of us have a list of achievements believed to be necessary for happiness. But let’s live here and now. Try to concentrate on the small things. Because it’s them that make you happy every day of your life.


1. Looking at Cute & Beautiful Things

According to the psychologists, sharing and looking at cute and beautiful images evokes positive emotions. The reason behind this is that we are evolutionarily visual creatures and most parts of our brains are closely tied with what we see. At the same time, according to the study conducted by Nittono for Hiroshima University, looking at picture of cute animals makes one more productive at work. If you feel sad, google for some cute pictures of puppies right now and even at work!

2. Spending Time Alone

In our hectic world, it’s of vital importance to have some time for yourself only. We have endless social connections, plenty to-do-lists, concerns, that sometimes we forget what we are living for. Is this the life you’ve imagined to live? Switch off from the daily routine, forget all your problems and spend some time alone. It distresses you better than any Spa procedure or a visit to a psychologist.

3. Reading Your Own Diary

Everyday you are involved in a variety of experiences. A large part of them gets forgotten, while we keep trace of others, the most important ones, as we think. It’s a great idea to keep a diary and read it from time to time, especially as another year goes by. Together with the photos you took this year, remembering your true feelings and emotions connected with a particular event of the past will make you feel better.

4. Giving and Helping Other People

Sharing something you have is a great way to feel better. First, you feel needed, second, you make the world a little bit better by improving other people’s quality of life. If may be giving away things you don’t need or selling them on a lower price (which also brings you something), or just giving lessons to some friends for free, for instance, or, let’s say, reading for refugee kids. If you have something you can share with others, it’s time to do it. Believe us, it will make you happier, too!

5. Playing Online Games and Winning

Even if you think, gaming is only for teens or housewives with a lot of free time, it’s something you definitely need to try. Remember yourself being a kid? Try to recall this feeling of happiness, when you’ve just won a board game against your elder brother! We, adults, also need these positive moments. When playing an online game, you may experience this feeling of joy again and again. Aren’t there small things that make up happiness altogether? So, make sure you take some pleasure time and play bingo games of Harrysbingo, for example.

6. Spending Money on Something You Can’t Touch

Spending money for emotions and possibilities, rather than items, can bring you much more pleasure and joy. According to The Journal of Positive Psychology, paying for material things doesn’t make people as happier as getting new life experiences for this money. So, try to keep it in mind new time you are about to purchase something.

7. Eating Healthy

Maybe it could surprise you, but healthy diet makes one happier. Your nutrition impacts the way you feel greatly. And we’re not speaking about your health only, but also about your moods. Depending on how much sweets and unhealthy stuff like chips you eat, you get mood swings or feel fatigue because of the sugar level imbalance. So, eat plenty of fruits and veggies and stick to a balanced diet in order to become happier, not only healthier.

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