Things to Throw Away from Your Kitchen

If you have decided to declutter the kitchen or feel that the interior lost its relish and is no longer your favorite, check if you have any of the items from this selection. Let us talk about things that do not belong in the kitchen.

1. Plastic skirting boards on the table-top

This is one of the materials that make the kitchen interior visually obsolete. Even if you have chosen a modern furniture set, a plastic plinth can spoil the whole impression. It is better to choose skirting boards of the same material as the kitchen countertop — wood, metal, or stone. Furthermore, you can follow the advice of the designers.

Mount the material of the apron (e.g. glass, stone, porcelain stoneware) directly on the countertop. As for the gap, carefully fill it with silicone sealant. The joint will be completely sealed.

2. Handles of complex shape

This also includes all the handles with rhinestones and sparkles.
Indeed, due to the furniture knobs, you can quickly renew the kitchen interior and give it a new mood, but still, it is worth choosing more relevant options.

Choose from concise, simple handles. Remember, even a stylish kitchen can be spoiled by unsuitable fittings. If possible, use profile, integrated handles and high-quality push mechanisms.

3. Plenty of small household appliances on the kitchen countertop

Surely, there is no need to radically “throw away” all small household appliances. On the other hand, it is necessary to find them a place in the closed cabinets.

4. Multi-colored kitchen towels

Details are very important when it comes to the style and topicality of the interior. In the kitchenette, kitchen textiles, potholders and so on are considered such trifles.

Even the most laconic and stylish kitchen can be “ruined” by varicolored kitchen towels. It would seem such a trifle, but it’s like cheap buttons on an expensive suit. Today, there is no trouble finding unicolored kitchen textiles. Choose calm neutral shades.

5. A jug with water filter

Pitchers with a built-in filter are not uncommon in kitchens. Although the need for drinking water is not denied, it is worth taking into consideration that finding a truly stylish object is not easy. Besides, such jugs are difficult to maintain: they need to be washed regularly to make drinking water really useful.

6. Glass holders at the bar counter

The holders themselves are not bad if they are hidden behind the cupboard door; or neatly hung above the table-board and look relevant. However, the ones that are attached to the vertical tube of the bar counter will spoil the kitchen interior.

7. Odd kitchen utensils and appliances with defects

Dishes with defects do not look presentable and that is clear. Apart from this, cups and plates from different collections also do not decorate the interior if they are displayed on open shelves. Designers recommend assembling sets — there will be no problems with either aesthetics or serving.

Needless to say, you may have a favorite cup, without which you cannot imagine your morning coffee, but it is better that it is not a single copy. It is better to give preference to sole-colored dishes, which will always look stylish and expensive. Besides, try to get rid of the dishes not only with chips and cracks but also, for example, where the pattern is erased. It is unaesthetic.

8. Heavy curtains to the floor

In the kitchen, where there is usually one window, you have to increase the amount of natural light. Heavy curtains do not contribute in any way.

9. Oilcloths with prints and transparencies on tables

Designers call this a rarity, but they are still found in the kitchens. It goes without saying that oilcloths fulfill their main function — they protect the countertop and simplify the cleaning. Nevertheless, you can find a nicer and more attractive replacement for them.

Use a tablecloth in neutral colors. If you want to protect the dining tabletop, there are self-adhesive transparent films that are not visible.

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