Steps to Mindful Shopping

These are important tips about saving money and not clogging the closet with unnecessary things. We suggest finally reviewing your shopping habits, thinking about the enormous environmental impact of fashion and remembering that you can save money on something more meaningful. We are sharing the tips on how to go shopping more consciously.

Take a shopping break

Define a clear period during which you do not allow yourself to make purchases of clothing and accessories. You can arrange a no-shopping month several times a year or even take a chance and spend the whole year without unnecessary purchases and purchase things only to replace those that have become unusable.

Set a certain budget

If it’s difficult to completely limit yourself, just set a fixed financial limit for each month of the year. Allocate a certain amount in your budget, which can be spent on shopping without harm. Thus, you will begin to analyze each purchase and buy only the most important and desired things.

Consider cost per wear

Cost per wear is the value of a thing divided by the number of times you wear it. In this way, it is easier to evaluate the profitability of the purchase. The thing itself can cost $30, but if you eventually forget about it after the first wear, the purchase will become more expensive than the 100-dollar purchase, which you will wear 20 times. Evaluate how versatile the desired wardrobe item is, whether it is easy to combine with other clothes, and whether there is at least a couple of reasons to wear the things in public.

Do not be lazy to return purchases

Many unsuccessful online purchases remain in our closets and are eventually thrown away. The trip to the post office or to the return point is postponed until the time for free sending expires. Pay more attention to this moment and plan this important thing for the day off. It’s also worthwhile to return a thing you’ve bought offline, if you suddenly realize that it doesn’t suit you at all (for example, it doesn’t match your wardrobe). Do not forget the main thing: the price tags must be saved. After that, you can reward yourself with a delicious coffee or dessert in a cafe.

Buy at outlets or only during sales

Outlet stores where discounts on well-known brands are available all year round will help you afford a little more without harming the budget. Alternatively, you can try shopping only during seasonal sales. In this case, it is better to plan purchases for the season ahead. For example, at the end of winter, choose footwear and outerwear for the next cold season.

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