Fashion Items That Make You Look Younger


How to look stunning after 40? Can clothes make you younger? We are going to talk about clothes that can work miracles.

Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell are 49 years old. Cindy Crawford is a little older: she is 53 years old. Saying these numbers out loud sounds totally insane. They look exactly the same as they did at the peak of their mind-blowing careers, when all the glossy magazines and catwalks wanted to get them involved in their projects. The secret of these women’s attractiveness and stunning beauty, of course, lies in their special lifestyle and careful care for their appearance.

Yet, there is something else without which their appearance would not be so young and charming. This is the wardrobe that contains anti-aging items: jeans, a pair of sneakers, a hoodie, a vest and a cap. If matched correctly, this clothing set is able to remove even the deepest wrinkles from the face.


What could be more understandable and universal? However, not everything is so simple and obvious: wrong jeans can spoil even the most beautiful figure, turning you into an elderly woman, whom people will offer a seat on public transportation. Going to the store for a pair of jeans, you should pay attention to high-waist models that not only lengthen your legs, but also have a clear modeling effect: the dense material tightens the tummy and corrects the hips.

Another important point is the length of the product. An obvious anti-aging effect is produced by cropped mom’s fit jeans. It will be a mistake to buy straight trousers of standard length or skinny jeans: when you wear them with shoes, folds will appear at the bottom and the figure will visually become heavier. As for the color, classic blue will be a universal shade: such a pair of jeans will not lose its relevance even in the summer and will look great with boots and ankle boots, as well as sandals and loafers.


This is not only a thing with a powerful anti-aging effect, but also an endlessly cozy, warm and practical wardrobe item. Hoodies, due to their sporty mood, will automatically add mobility and dynamics to the image. Do not think that wearing a sweatshirt will immediately turn you into a fitness instructor. Wear a hoodie with a white shirt, classic cropped trousers and elegant shoes.

Yet, not every hoodie deserves a purchase. While trying it on, you need to look at the bust area: it is important that the model does not lower the chest and does not flatten the mouth-watering shapes. Otherwise, the desired anti-aging effect will not work.

Just like the hoodie, sneakers also have a pronounced sports mood. It means that the image will be appropriate – active and swift. This is a rejuvenation option for the most daring ones because if you choose sneakers – choose the trendy ones that are massive, with color accents and unusual lacing. A slightly more relaxed option is the classic white sneakers with a round nose that fit perfectly into the office wardrobe. They will refresh both a pantsuit and a costume with a skirt, or even a knitted dress.


In the cool season, hats are especially relevant. If it is not frosty outside, you can choose a cap as an alternative to the knitted beanie hats. We are talking about headwear from the men’s wardrobe – narrow caps that look like a duck beak. Made of wool, they add some aristocracy to the image (this is an obligatory attribute of an English hunting suit) and give you a flair of youth and playfulness, referring to the garson style.

Caps look perfect with coats, especially duffle coats, and voluminous scarves. Such an outfit will turn out to be extraordinary and memorable. By the way, choosing a cap is very simple: just smile at yourself in the mirror and try it on in all possible ways – with the visor forward, backward, and also slightly moving to one side.