Walk the Walk – 6 Important Rules for Wearing Shoes

Every day we wear shoes and clothes to cover ourselves and look good. But in daily life, we don’t ponder well on the facts if we are wearing them right or not. Of course, we know where a shirt and pants go and that shoes don’t go on the head. These overalls were made while keeping the image in mind of how the accessory is going to be worn.

We wear shoes everywhere, and many times they don’t feel right to an outfit or an event. Asymmetrical structures can provide you discomfort beyond imagine. The branded shoes tend to be overly priced, while store-bought shoes don’t offer that glam. Below are some of the essential rules to follow when shoes are involved in having comfy trips and rightly matched outfits.

Have Many Options

In your shoe closet, there might be a useful sandal, running shoes, casual wear, and some overused stilettoes for the parties. With the limited options, it might get boring, and you may lose your creativity, seeing the same colors each day. Spending should be done wisely, but you can start to purchase a few more pairs slowly by expending on a budget. Don’t be afraid to buy some glitters and radiant colors. You never know when the sensual side of you takes ahold, and you feel like glimmering a bit more.

Make a Little Effort With the Casuals As Well

Nobody can avoid the sensation of changing into comfy clothes and shoes as soon as they get home. If you’re in a state like this, and a need to the utility store arises, going out in the comfy look can ruin your image if spotted by a colleague or a love interest. With huge selection of slides shoes available these days, you can have both comfort and fashion on your feet. Although these slippers are designed unattractively, the extravagant designs, logos, and fur on them help make fashion statements.

Distinguish the Event

As far as making a statement is concerned, your shoes for an event can be brightly colored and high heeled but not consist of flip-flops of extravagantly outfitted shoes. Just like your outfit, including the accessories, your shoes should be according to an event. Formal parties call for simple colored pumps while you must rock your parties with glittery stilettoes or ankle strap heels with high dresses.

Better Safe Than Embarrassed

Too big a heel can give you that height but also that factor of falling from that elevation. Tripping due to heels can be quite an embarrassment that can ruin your image as well as your tempo. Not to mention the damages that a high fluctuating heel can cause your feet and body.

Keep Your Look Balanced

No piece of cloth can look good without a nice pair of shoes. Footwear compliment clothes like nothing else, and if matched rightly, it can give you a satisfying image. Both the outfit and shoes need to balance each other out perfectly to create a unique appearance. For instance, high heels and also strapped ones go well with elevated hemmed dresses. If you want to rock sandals or wedges, high skirts need to be worn. And never try to put on heels with jeans, that fashion is long outdated.

Choose Comfort Over Distress

Many ladies will agree with me on this, the shoes that look the best in a shoe store and compel you to buy them are the most difficult to walk in. Tight or rigid shoes can cause a lot of damage to the bone and skin of the feet. They might look good to put on, but threatening your life with a pair such as this isn’t an enjoyable gamble.

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