Smart Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a place where mess frequently occurs. Whether it’s accidental spillages or just a pile of dirty dishes to wash up, it doesn’t take long for the area to collect up all the clutter. After all, the very materials used to build the kitchen are designed to withstand the dirtiest of grime.

Still, this isn’t always an excuse for having no space in your kitchen all the time. The problems that occur in the kitchen aren’t always obvious, and a lack of space certainly creeps on you and makes resolving the matter more difficult to address.

Consequently, here are some smart ways to save space in your kitchen.


If you’re easily distracted and big on space, the suggestion of incorporating a seat into your work area might seem preposterous. After all, using the kitchen effectively requires concentration, and you may not always want those you’re sharing a house with to sit down and start gossiping while you’re trying a new recipe or getting things clean. That said, a small stool might help you increase space in the kitchen.

Of course, small stools are certainly better than someone coming into the kitchen and sitting on counters or bulky chairs while you’re trying to stay on task. If you’re fixing bums in smaller stools, then your designing the space to both accommodate and minimise their presence, instead of just letting them free roam and take up more space in all their fidgeting. If they have a designated small spot to take the weight off, it may just free up every other area of the kitchen in the long run.

Use the Tops

You might have a storage unit with three shelves, but there’ll sometimes be four places here where you can put your things. Yes, you can use the top of a cupboard or fridge while you’re putting things away. It’s an extra bit of space if you’re desperate to get organised and might just help you control all the excess a little bit. You may as well use the space if required because it’s only going to sit there empty and useless if you don’t!

Your items might be exposed up high near your ceiling, and they could accumulate dust if they’re left up there too long. If you’re going to do this to save some space, make sure you regularly clean up there so your food or appliances don’t get coated in spider’s cobwebs, and suchlike.

Hanging Storage

If you’re living with others, chances are that even when the counters are clean things still aren’t quite so tidy. There’re so many dishes, cooking appliances and sets of cutleries to wash up and safely store. Still, when everything is crammed away it’s often just an illusion of space, because really you know you’ve just got another messy area hidden away in a drawer somewhere. Your counters may look spotless, but your storage units are still overfilled.

Contrary to popular belief, not every item needs its own drawer or cupboard. After all, some accessories such as cheese graters, frying pans, and ladles will rarely ever fit in a small, confined storage space. Consequently, if you’ve got lots of wall space, you can free up some room in your cupboards and drawers and invest in a hanging rack to mount on the wall instead. All the larger items will hang neatly and nicely there, giving you more room to navigate the space in your storage units.

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