To Marry or Not To Marry: How To Find Out If He’s Really The Right One?

Love is a beautiful thing. Whenever it comes your way, it leaves you happy and glowing with a desire for life. Hence, finding the one right guy is always on many women’s minds. Today, the desire to find the ‘significant other’ is inevitable because of the adorable couples that flood the social media pages. It’s usually worse when the adorable couple happens to be people you know.

Finding a man of your dreams isn’t that easy because you have to make sure that he is the one before saying I do.’ Some people will even advise you to consult the tarot cards to be sure. Taking such a move can either leave you excited or bitterly disappointed after finding what you never expected. Instead, you should consult the cards to know how you can attract and keep the love of your dream.

Many people find this reading technique complex. But Shiela Moon from teaches that reading tarot cards properly is something that can be learned and is a skill that can be honed.

Without saying much, here are some signals that can tell you if he is the one.

1. You trust him

When it comes to a relationship, trust is vital. As many people would say, it’s a universal sign of a healthy relationship. Various studies have revealed that lack of trust amongst couples is the leading cause of breakups. Therefore, if you don’t doubt your trust in him, it’s a sign that he is your ‘significant half.’ For example, if it doesn’t freak you when he tells you he’s out having fun with the boys, he is the man of your dreams.

2. He gives you a listening ear

Communication is vital in a relationship. Poor communication is among the leading causes of breakups among couples. It’s the good communication that helps in solving misunderstandings. Naturally, a healthy relationship has ups and downs. What matters is how you deal with the matter at hand. If he sits and listens attentively to what you have to say, it’s a sign that he is the one to marry. The listening ear should tell you that he adores you and respects your opinions which are the keys to a happy marriage.

3. He supports you

Everyone has life goals and dreams. However, at times, these goals may be hindered by things such as relationships among many other things. A man who truly loves you will always support your ideas no matter how crazy some may sound. For example, when doing those late night assignments, he will still be by your side trying to motivate you. Besides, he will push you out of the comfort zone to chase your dreams. If he does all that, be sure he is the right guy to have in your future. It means that he wants the best out of you.

4. He builds with you, not for you

A caring and loving partner will always allow you into their future. Even before the wedding day, he will still have you in all his plans. There is these type of men who do things secretly and surprise their partners later. Well, the surprises may work, as a romantic gesture. However, it means that the man is building for the woman.

For example, if it’s buying a house. He may end up buying one that the partner doesn’t like. In return, your stay in that house may be in misery because you don’t like it. But, if he involved you, you will both buy a house that you want and hence a happy living. Therefore, if he consults or involves you before making such a move, be assured that he is the one.

5. He is always calling you

Today, the high economy has forced people to work day and night. After all, bills must be paid. The busy schedules have taken away people’s free time, which isn’t a good thing for the couples. Is he always calling you during the day to ask how you’re doing? If the answer is yes, he truly loves you and can’t get you off his mind. You should go ahead and make him your husband.

6. He knows how to make you laugh

Although one has to pay the bills, workplaces aren’t always the best places to be. If you had a choice, you would probably have quit your job. Now and then, there is always an employee or the boss who ruins your day, hence making you get home angry. A loving partner will always realize if you had such a day and calm you down. He knows well how to psych you up and make you forget your crazy day. If he makes you rise with some positive energy, he is your life partner.

7. He always calls you first when something happens

When he receives a job promotion or passes an interview, who does he call first? If you’re the first number on his dial list, then it’s a sign that you come before everyone else. Don’t hesitate to make him your future husband. You should remember that he has sisters, brothers, parents or even friends who he could have called first to share the good or bad news. But, instead, he chose you. That’s enough to tell you where he has placed you in his heart.

As many people say, love is a condition, and that grows when two right partners find each other. Seeing the ‘significant other’ isn’t always that easy as there are many factors to put into consideration. Most women find themselves stuck and not sure if their partners are their future husbands. In the article, there are seven signals to help you know if he is your ‘other half’ or not. Read through all of them to help decide if you should continue to marry him or not.

About the Author: Allen Brown

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