4 Luxury Bath Essentials for Special Occasions

Sometimes the best present you can give yourself is the gift of time. You can make sure a part of your day is yours alone to do exactly what you want to. Even when it comes to celebrating those all-important milestones in your life, taking a little time to relax and unwind will go a long way. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or a promotion at work, you can treat yourself with a nice, hot bath. Even if it’s just part of the getting ready routine before your evening celebrations, it can make for a wonderfully relaxing part of the process. You’ll be feeling revitalized for whatever comes next.

Scented Candle

The first step in giving yourself the ultimate luxury bath time experience is getting the ambience just right. If a friend has given you a scented candle for your birthday, this could be the perfect time to use it. They’ll know what your favourite fragrances are, so your bathroom will be a sensory sensation. Or perhaps you’re celebrating an anniversary, and in that case, you could consider a romantic candlelit bath for the two of you. Either way, creating a little spark can do wonders for your luxury bath time. To add to the ambience, you could put on some of your favourite music as well.

Bath Salts

If you’ve got a big event lined up you’ll want to be looking and feeling your best. A pamper session before a party could be just what you need. You can clear your head and your skin. Before you pop yourself in the bath, make sure to pop in some bath salts, too. They come in such a variety, and you can take your pick from them – depending on what you want them to do. Got some jitters about the big do? Get in the bath, pour in the bath salts, and get ready to relax. You’d be amazed at all the health benefits that come with using bath salts regularly. They help skin conditions and all your aching muscles.

Essential Oils

Would it be a complete list of luxury bath essentials, without including essential oils? A few drops in your bath can have such a ripple effect on both the body and the mind. You can choose the oil which has the desired effects you want. Whether you’re looking to de-stress after all the hard work and being promoted, or you’re looking to revitalize for a big birthday night, you’ll be able to find the bath oil that’s right for you. Neom Organics provide a wonderful range of products for you to choose from. The soothing scents will calm you down and also work wonders with your skin.

Face Mask

For lots of women, the getting ready process is half the fun of going to an occasion where you have to dress up. You can leisurely put on your make up, take your time to pick the outfit which makes you look the best and get your hair just right. Why not take this getting ready process one step further and have a mini pamper session beforehand? Run a bath, get a facemask on, and relax. Perhaps even pour yourself a glass of wine in preparation for the party you’re about to attend. Keep an eye on the time, as you may not want to leave your own bathroom.