Top Outdoor Activities for Staying in Shape

No matter the weather or the season, one should always try to stay active outdoors. Physical fitness is incredibly important and can add whole years to your lifespan, so there’s really no reason you should refuse a bit of exercise. All the benefits are already proven, and they’re in everyone’s best interests.

You don’t have to be as ripped as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a few hours of activity here and there will help you stay fit and healthy. Make it a point of routine and stick at it, and those painstaking slogs of exercise will soon turn into fun, fledging hobbies.
Consequently, here are the top outdoor activities for staying in shape.


Cycling is one of the best outdoor activities out there that you can possibly do. This activity focuses on toning out your muscular structure. Your legs will get most of the love, while your arms and even your core will be strengthened somewhat too. Therefore, cycling is an efficient all-rounder when it comes to outdoor activities and doesn’t just give your legs a workout alone.

Aside from the health benefits, this activity is also incredibly easy to incorporate into a daily routine, such as by cycling to and from work. The bikes themselves also come in affordable prices from companies like Skatehut, and can be effortlessly transported via car or even train. Therefore, there are few factors preventing you from taking up this highly productive activity. It’s easy, beneficial, and incredibly easy to build up a helpful routine with.


Depending on where you go, no season is too dour for a good hike. If you decide to adventure across the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands or even just your nearby national park, a plethora of fitness benefits will follow. This is because a diverse terrain is exactly what you need to get the most out of your aerobic workout, so any hilly landscapes will be great for you to power through and really push your body to its limits.

Hiking is an especially effective outdoorsy activity because you needn’t do it alone. Take your squadron of friends or family with you on a weekend, and vent about work troubles, holiday plans, TV shows or anything else that takes your fancy. When you’re all there together giving it all you’ve got, you’ll all bond like a house on fire whether you’ve known each other for ten years or ten days. These factors might just help you stick at it more if you’re putting maintaining your relationships alongside your body.


Walking is hiking’s little sibling, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely redundant! Even just a quick walk into town to do some shopping can really shed pounds of fat off your body in time. Any quick trips you could take in your car, consider walking instead. After all, if you ditch the car here and there throughout your week and get your stride on, the health perks will follow; albeit a little slower if you were perhaps cycling or hiking!

Walking can alleviate stress on the heart as well as boost the wellbeing of your circulatory system, and of course, your lungs. It’s admittedly a more timid exercise, but any exercise is good exercise. Walking keeps your joints and muscles working on a regular basis and doesn’t let them grow complacent and can even lower your chances of contracting certain diseases and health issues. In the end, staying active is more important than how you stay active.

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