Sigmund Freud’s Most Outstanding Thoughts

This is one of the most controversial scientists of the twentieth century worldwide, the one whom students of psychology affectionately call “grandfather Freud.” During his lifetime, some considered him a charlatan, while others thought him to be a genius. Coco Chanel called him the first male-feminist: Freud was the ideologue of the sexual revolution and urged women to equality.


Two discoveries immortalized him: he solved the mystery of the human sleep and picked up the first universal key to the unconscious.

The scale of your personality is determined by the problem, which can ruffle your feathers.
Before you diagnose depression and low self-esteem in yourself, make sure that you are not surrounded by idiots.
The task to make people happy was not included into the plan of creating the world.
Everything you do in bed is beautiful and absolutely correct. If both of you like it.
It is just complete lack of sex that can be called a sexual deviation. Everything else is a matter of taste.
At the moment when a person begins to think about the meaning and value of life, you can begin to consider him sick.
The first person who threw a curse instead of a stone was the creator of civilization.
The perfect, eternal, free of hate love exists only between the addicted person and his drugs.
We live in a very strange time and are surprised to note that progress goes hand in hand with barbarism.
The more impeccable the person seems to be from aside, the more demons he/she has inside.
When you are criticized, you can defend yourself, but you are powerless against praise.
We never happen to be as vulnerable as when we fall in love. We are never so desperately unhappy as when we lose this love.
The first sign of stupidity is the complete lack of shame.
People are more moral than they think, and far more immoral than they can imagine.
Much of what is really inside of us is beyond our understanding, and what is understood proves to be unrealistic.
Every normal person actually is normal only in part.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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