Getting a Thin Waist May Be Dangerous

Getting a narrow waist is the dream for the vast number of women and a surprising number of men. However, such a deformation of the body for the sake of fashion trends can be dangerous to your health.


Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, are leading the trend of narrow-waist ladies. Today, anyone who wants to achieve this or that effect is offered a variety of ways, ranging from special body shapers and corsets to specific slimming belts. Meanwhile, the artificial narrowing of the waist to the proportions that are considered fashionable now is a certain danger to the body.

Such actions deform bones and lead to the displacement of some organs, as emphasized by doctors. This can cause the development of lung disease and even lead to miscarriage. At the same time, creating the effect of a narrow waist has no relation with the fight against obesity. Experts emphasize that using different shapers and corsets, women do not lose weight if they do not deal with sports. Instead, their organs are simply squeezed in the body, which can lead to serious complications.

If you like corsets and belts compressing the abdomen, you lose appetite and eat less. As a result, the body gets much smaller amount of mineral nutrients, especially fruits and vegetables. The researchers emphasize the prevalence of the so-called “diseases of corsetry,” which include fainting, hemorrhoids, cough, and palpitations. They are quite common in women who use corsets.

Finally, there is another problem of thin waist – rashes on the body due to wearing tight clothing. It may cause malodor. If you want to have a thinner waist, the best way to achieve this would be a proper diet, rest and exercise.

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