Do You Need a New HVAC System or Will a Repair Do the Trick?

You’re at a point where decisions must be made about the home’s heating and cooling system. Should you have the unit repaired or is it time to think about investing in a replacement? There’s no doubt that you need input from a professional who works with an HVAC systems company in Brooklyn, NY before you settle on a resolution. Along the way, these five issues are bound to arise. Address them all and it will be easier to decide what needs to happen.

Consider the Age of Your System

How long has the present system been in place? Maybe it was there when you purchased the home and the mortgage doesn’t have too many more years to go. Perhaps you had it installed ten or fifteen years back. Whatever the case, the age of that system does factor into the decision.

How long can you expect a heating and cooling system to last? Assuming proper upkeep and maintenance, such a system could provide anywhere from 15 to 20 years of reliable service. If you have a reason to believe the unit is getting close to the end of it’s useful life, a replacement rather than a repair may be your best move.

The System’s General Condition

Along with age, the general condition also needs attention. Have you been spending more on repairs lately? Are those repairs related to replacing parts that have worn out after offering excellent service for years, or are they due to other factors?

While you are in a position to evaluate the performance in terms of how comfortable the indoor temperature happens to be, there’s more points to consider. A professional can evaluate the unit on all relevant factors and explain each of them to you. Once you have that information, you can decide if another repair is worth it, or if you should think about a new system.

The Current and Projected Expense of Operation

How much is the unit costing you to operate? Your power bills coupled with maintenance and repair costs will provide a good idea. While you do expect some of those expenses to increase as an HVAC system ages, significant shifts in energy consumption and more than a repair or two a year indicate that the unit may not be worth keeping.

Compare the overall energy efficiency of the unit today with what it was in the past. Is there a big difference? Does the professional feel that a repair or two would restore most of that lost energy efficiency? If that’s doubtful, thinking about a replacement makes sense.

And the Level of Performance You Can Expect From Now On

Assuming you did go forward with the repairs, what would be the return for the expense? Will the repairs mean the unit can heat and cool the house without wasting a lot of energy? Does it also mean that cool spots in the winter and hot spots in the summer will be found less frequently around the house? Would the repairs help the unit to run with less noise or would it remain the same?

Knowing what to expect in terms of future performance is key to deciding whether investing more money in an older unit is worth it. If you’re not sure, it wouldn’t hurt to at least look at one or two possible replacements.

The Cost of Repair Versus Replacement

How much will the pending repair cost? Would that expense be somewhat close to the expense of having a new unit installed? If so, then opting for heating repairs may be out while going with a system replacement would definitely be in.

A professional can provide a quote for the repairs. At the same time, that professional can provide some figures about the purchase price of a new system and the related installation charges. Take a look at both figures. Generally, if the repair exceeds half of the cost of installing a new unit, it’s a good idea to consider replacing what you have now.

The decision is yours. Explore all your options and go with the one that will provide the most advantages. Doing so will mean you feel much more comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets outside.

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