How to Plan a Wedding Without Leaving Your Home

Getting married is such an amazing time. You and your future spouse get to plan out what will likely be the most memorable day in your life so far. It is important that you take the time to plan for this amazing day so that it is perfect, but that is harder to do now than it ever was in the past. While living through a pandemic, it can be difficult to go out to stores and find what you want. So, what is the answer? Virtual wedding planning, of course. Here are some great tips on planning your virtual wedding from home, whether you plan to marry now, or wait until everything opens back up.

Make Sure You Research the Limitations Before Your Planning Begins

In 2020, life changed for everyone, including couples getting ready to take their vows. While about 2/5 of people went on with their ceremonies as planned, many more did not. Many couples had to cut down on their gathering size so they had to figure out ways of letting the family be a part of the ceremony without actually being able to attend. This led to around 40% of couples offering a virtual way for the family to watch the ceremony and about 5% of couples opting for a ceremony that was virtual only.

Consider Having an Outdoor Wedding

While being indoors is better if the weather is unpredictable, the outdoors is much safer with the pandemic going on. It allows people to be further apart and allows for ample air circulation around each aspect of the wedding. You can opt for an outdoor ceremony, an outdoor reception, or both. All of these options saw an uptick in people choosing them during 2020, and it is believed that this trend will continue through 2021. Many areas around Vegas offer these types of amenities, so look online or call to see which fits your preferred style.

Call Around to Find the Best Location

You already know that you want the backdrop of your wedding to be the gorgeous Las Vegas strip, so now it is time to decide on where. The best thing you can do is call around to find the best location based on the wedding day you chose. When it comes to a Vegas wedding, you have tons of options. You can go with traditional, modern, and so many options in between. Decide what you want the theme of your wedding to be, then let the calling begin!

Don’t Forget the Little Things Your Wedding Will Need No Matter Where You Have It

While safely at home, you are going to have to make a list of all the things you want at your wedding. Plus, you are going to have to manage to get all of those requirements while remaining within your budget. Here are some of the most important small details that you will want to look for online before saying you are ready for your big day:

  • Rings: You and your future spouse are going to want to have rings that matter to you. Your rings can be customized to fit you perfectly. You can opt for engraved rings, stones that match your wedding colors, or any type of ring that is perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Flowers: The flowers you opt to use throughout your wedding and reception are going to tell your guests a lot about how you want your wedding to go. Pick flowers that reflect what you love and mean the most to you.
  • Food: Between what you feed your guests and the wedding cake, you need to think a lot about food prior to getting married. This is going to be one of the hardest things to plan without leaving home. If you live in or right around Vegas, you can pick up food from places you are considering to host your wedding. If not, you may have to choose based on reviews of the venues that you are choosing from.
  • Favors: When your reception is done, it is always nice to give your guests something to bring back the memories of your special day. These are easy to find from home, and you have the added benefit of being able to have them shipped directly to you so you can ensure they are the type and quality you want for your guests.


Your big day is all about you. Make it a day that you treasure but have some fun with the choices you make along the way. You want to be able to look back on your big day with smiles for many years to come. Plan your wedding as far in advance as you can, but do it safely from the comfort of your home. It is better to remain safe and keep your guests and vendors safe too, than it is to venture out into the unknown until the all-clear is given to do so.

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