Unusual Wedding Ring Ideas

It is much simpler to stick with the popular choice and wear traditional wedding rings for your big day. However, you can make your wedding even more meaningful by picking out wedding rings that are not commonly worn. Your relationship is unique, so why shouldn’t your wedding rings be? After all, there is no rule on what design you should choose for your rings when you get married. You may even find that Mobius Wedding Bands are precisely what you’re looking for.

Here are some unusual ideas you can consider for your wedding rings.

  • Signet. Men have originally worn signet rings in the past. The ring carried the family crest and was a symbol of identification and belonging. They were highly durable, and the symbol would have been difficult to replicate. Wearing signet rings as wedding bands is a unique choice. The couples’ family crest is a symbol that they belong to one another and that nothing can break the bond. The couple may add their initials inside their ring or other symbols that hold special meaning.
  • Hand-engraved. Wedding rings need not be flat and polished with the usual adornments of various types of gemstones. Hand engraving your wedding ring gives it a very personal touch. Your rings can be engraved with symbols and designs that only the two of you understand. They have a special meaning that you share with your partner. You can engrave your initials, a particular quote, or the date when you first met. It is unique because it symbolizes something extraordinary that only you and your partner share.
  • Birthstone. Birthstones have always been connected with births, holding special meaning for the person born in a particular month. They supposedly contain specific properties that can be beneficial to the wearer, blessing them with exceptional qualities and protecting them from danger and other adverse situations. They have become very popular as engagement rings because of their significance for whoever wears them and can be considered excellent wedding bands. The couple can share their birthstones, ensuring that they are always safe and that the two of them are bonded together forever.
  • Handcrafted. Handcrafted wedding rings are a rare choice, but they can prove to be more durable and longer-lasting. They are as personalized as hand-engraved wedding rings. There are no limits to the designs that you can choose from, and you and your partner can come up with something that holds a special meaning to you. You can opt to add gemstones, select the sizes, and pick out what you feel you both will appreciate. You can also be sure that your guests will admire the craftsmanship behind the unique design you have carefully chosen.

The love you share is one-of-a-kind. There is no other relationship that is quite like yours. You know that you have chosen the right person to spend forever with. Your wedding day is extraordinary because your love is unique. Consider wearing wedding rings that are just as rare as what you have together.

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