How to Make it Past the Bouncers and into the Club

Okay, so, you’re of age. You’re out to go clubbing. So you can go clubbing, right? Not so fast. These days, so many girls want to get into a club that they have super strict door policies in place. Your hometown might not care, but if you’ve got a girls’ weekend anytime soon in hotspots of LA, Vegas or New York, you might want to brush up on how best to make waves.

Dressing The Part

Looking good is literally your meal ticket to getting into the hottest clubs around. It doesn’t matter whether you’re blessed with natural beauty or not – if you make the required effort, you’ll have more chances of getting in.

Pay attention to recent trends, but try to inject your own style. Visit local boutiques to try to find something unique and original. You don’t want to go overboard on looking like everyone else!

Unless you’re fairly confident with a signature “look”, play it safe when it comes to your hair and makeup. It’s also worth hiring a professional for the bigger nights out (a big weekend is not the ideal scenario to start playing around with contour for the first time)!

At the very least, pay very close attention to YouTube tutorials. They can be lifesaving when it comes to makeup tips, but you can also check out the top-rated beauty blogs and Instagram accounts if you prefer to learn things that way.

Acting The Part

Some clubs have certain standards because they’re protecting their VIP clientele. If they have the likes of the Kardashians or Bieber in there, they need to keep their celebrity guests safe. So, if you’re acting like fan girl number one, there’s literally zero way you’re getting in – just act cool!

Likewise, some clubs are held in venues where the knowledge of a particular “scene” is required. For example, in Vegas, you might need a rough idea of casino etiquette. Some homework before you go is recommended.

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Oh, and if you really want to get into a club? Don’t be super sloppy. An intoxication of any kind isn’t a good look, and will just make you too much of a liability to let inside. Don’t let all your efforts go to waste!

Just because there are certain standards that a club wants you to uphold, this doesn’t mean you don’t have any rights. Still, a dress code, safety policy, and ID policy are all valid concerns. Clubs have the right to refuse entry at their discretion. Unfortunately, kicking and screaming (whether literally or figuratively) on the night probably isn’t going to do you any favors. The bouncer has the ultimate say.

Finally, have fun – and always party responsibly.