Why Everyone With Acne Should Try Zinc

What is the connection between zinc and acne? Some people hold the thought that zinc is a useful ingredient to cure acne because of its high mineral content. Of course, many people totally disagree with this belief.

However, modern research is proving the latter wrong as zinc has actually been verified as a potent mineral to fight acne. In fact, it is as effective as antibiotic without the resultant side effects of antibiotics. It also has the added advantage of being able to boost the immune system. Here are my findings for over 7 years regarding this claim:

Information on Zinc

Zinc trace mineral is present in many food items including but not limited to whole grains, soybeans, fish, soybeans and egg yolks. It is also inherent in some herbs such as alfalfa, chamomile, milk thistle and burdock. Somebody tissues contain zinc which is also present in insulin. It is hard to exhaust the list of the potential benefits of zinc. It infuses the body with energy, strengthens the immune system, stops or reduces blindness and aids digestion. Over 300 enzyme reactions in the body are aided by zinc. If helps to fight bacterial infections, controls the levels of vitamin E in the blood, helps the body to absorb vitamins A and B, helps the body to heal faster and quicker and also increases the body’s production of testosterone and estrogen.

We could go on about the importance of zinc, but the question primarily remains, how is it connected with acne treatment?

Zinc and Acne Connection

Acne is a result of internal operations and effects in the body. It occurs when toxic materials build up in the blood which results in hormonal imbalance. Zinc can be used to regulate the quality, quantity, and ratio of fatty acids and body oil from the gland. Adequately applied zinc treatment would absorb vitamin A, fight the bacteria that weaken the immune system and it is highly effective in stopping the secondary causes of acne.

The key to stopping acne invasion is to regulate a number of hormones produced by the body. If you can adhere to taking the right amount of zinc in combination with essential fatty acids, there will be better absorption and your hormonal levels will be balanced. You must be careful of the supplements that you take zinc with as some supplements and chemical substances will erase zinc quality and nullify its effect on acne.

Factors That Inhibit the Effectiveness of Zinc

Here are the factors that cause negative or no effect of zinc treatment on acne:

  • Food items and supplements – some food items and nutritional supplements inhibit the absorption of zinc in the body. This can reduce the effectiveness of zinc for treating acne.
  • Phytic acid – this is commonly found in high-level grains. Studies have shown that this acid impedes the absorption of zinc by the body by about 15% and this causes mucus and acid to form. You should reduce your grains consumption to prevent this reaction.
  • Soy protein – soy protein binds minerals and reduces the rate of mineral absorption in the body and this includes zinc. You should reduce your soy consumption to enhance zinc acne treatment.
  • Inorganic iron and copper – high amount of copper results in toxicity which prevents zinc from doing its job. To allow zinc acne treatment, you shouldn’t take more than 2-3 mg of inorganic iron and copper daily.
  • Excessive exercise – excessive exercise increases the zinc that is consumed by the body during the exercise leaving little for acne treatment.

Rules To Maximize Zinc Acne Treatment:

Take fatty acids

Zinc acne treatment works best when combined with consistent use of essential oils such as fatty acids such as coconut oil and cod liver oil. You can take them as nutritional supplements as your hormonal levels will be normalized and symptoms of acne will be removed when your body is rich in these.

Inorganic iron and copper

These reduce absorption of zinc in the body and you should avoid taking them either as food or supplement to avoid inhibiting your zinc acne treatment. This is even more necessary if you are given to physical labor.

Limit daily zinc intake

Your daily zinc intake shouldn’t exceed 100 mg. anything more than this can result in toxicity and you should take zinc preferably alongside the meals you eat.

Eat organic food

Ensure the soil used to plant the crop you eat is rich in zinc. This is possible with organically produced foods compared to their chemically fertilized alternatives.

Take supplements

Supplements are necessary for zinc acne treatment because most food items contain little zinc mineral contents. Zinc Monomethionine (Opti-Zinc) supplement is more effective than Zinc gluconate because the body absorbs it better.

Avoid copper toxicity

Copper toxicity reduces the body’s zinc absorption level. You need a blood test or a Kinesiology (muscle testing) to establish whether you are copper toxic or not. Those who are Caucasian with brown nipples are likely to be copper toxic.

How to Get Permanent Relief from Zinc Acne Treatment

It is important for you to note that acne isn’t a result of zinc deficiency. Instead, it may be caused by both primary and secondary reasons. Thus, zinc supply alone is not enough to get rid of acne symptoms. If you have the adequate supply of zinc in the body, as well as some other nutrients in sufficient quality and quality, your hormone level will be regulated and equip you to better fight against acne. Thus, what you take in form of food and supplement is the most fundamental way to fight acne.

Holistic treatment is the primary way to permanently become rid of acne. This approach ensures that the causes of acne are effectively and sustainably fixed. These conditions involve blood toxicity, blood lymph, and hormonal imbalance. When the holistic approach is combined with zinc acne treatment, acne problems can easily become solved both effectively and permanently. These measures are also effective ways to prevent acne cases or prevent their aggravation.

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