How to Influence People with Touch

This article will tell you how to use touch to influence others and make them do what you want much easier and faster. All the recommendations are based on the results of experiments.


Having touched the interlocutor lightly, you can learn the most amazing things. So, here they are…

1. How to get more money

In 1984, an interesting experiment was conducted in one of the restaurants. The personnel were divided into two groups. The first group of waiters did not touch the customers when calculating the money. But the representatives of the second group had to touch the visitors’ hands.

The results were amazing. The waiters from the second group received much more tip.

2. How to get help from other people

Another experiment was conducted in 1987. The scientists wanted to find out whether touches increased the chance that the other person would agree to help. It appeared that a light touch, accompanied by a request to take part in a street poll, worked well: the passers-by refused much less.

In a more recent study, conducted in 2003, the passers-by reacted to the requests to lift something that had been dropped more often if the person touched them.

3. How to achieve the desired goal

Touches increase the chances of getting an agreement to help with virtually any request.

In 1980, it was proved that people were much more likely to sign a petition, when they were touched. The people, who had not been touched, agreed to sign the petition in 55% of cases, and those who were touched deliberately, agreed in 81% of cases. The difference is significant, isn’t it?

Moreover, it was found in 2008 that the people who were touched twice, agreed to fulfill the request more often than those who were touched only once.

4. How to get the girl’s phone or the guy’s attention

It is well known that touches are often regarded as signs of increased attention. For example, men are more interested in the women, who periodically touch them.

A similar reaction is observed in women: they are more willing to give their phone number to the men who touch them shortly before this. These are the results of experiments carried out in France in 2010.

5. How to influence other people

There was yet another study conducted in 1973 among the people belonging to the business community. The goal was to find out how touches affected the level of authority those people had.

It was noted that the people who had a habit of touching their interlocutors took leadership positions more often than those who kept their hands to themselves.

This does not mean that you have to go out and touch everyone who gets on your way now. It is important to understand that the desired effect can only be obtained from touching the person when the right time comes.

Have you ever noticed how another person’s touches influence you? Tell us about such situations in the comments.

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