Top 4 Tips for a Flat Belly


You tirelessly do exercises for belly muscles, watch your diet, weigh just as much as you need, but still have that nasty bulging stomach. Does this sound familiar to you? Learn from this article how to deal with this problem.


We meet a lot of slender people whose figures have the same flaw, and they are unsuccessfully trying to fight it in a gym. This is their protruding belly. No six pack muscles, obtained during the hard work in a gym, seem to be able to keep the swollen intestines inside.

Isn’t it shame? Yes, definitely! At the same time, your colleague, whose fitness level has never been high, may be wearing a tight miniskirt that is showing her hip bones to advantage. And you, a sportswoman that will not live a day without exercise, may have to wear something baggy in order to hide the bulging belly.

In the morning, everything seems tolerable, but after lunch you want to keep sitting at your desk without having to get up. The problem is especially serious if you eat fruits and vegetables, relying on the rules of proper dieting. The stomach seems to be even more bulging then. But what should you do? Will you never happen to wear a tight thin jumper or a dress again?

No, there is a solution. And a very simple one. Change the diet.

The point is that the stomach swells because of the lack of beneficial bifidobacteria in the intestine rather than because of vegetables and fiber. After all, these microorganisms “attack” the indigestible fiber, which such products are rich in. If these bacteria are not enough, the “product” (fiber) remains unclaimed, and then everything begins to ferment in the intestines, causing bloating, flatulence, and other side effects.

However, changing the diet will not be helpful alone. To begin with, it will be necessary to rapidly restore the intestinal microflora, which presupposes four simple steps.

Step 1: Removing from the diet or minimizing the products that feed the pathogenic microflora

What for? It’s simple. There is a struggle for survival in the intestines, just as elsewhere. In this case, bacteria are involved. The ones that outnumber their opponents and are stronger will win, occupying more space on the intestinal walls. If you feed the “enemy group” of pathogenic fungi and bacteria, in the end, they will be more numerous and will displace the useful bifidobacteria. Therefore, our task is to rid them of their power supply.

Pathogenic bacteria and fungi like:

  • sugar;
  • yeast;
  • fast carbs (refined products, such as pasta made with white flour, white bread, white rice, semolina, millet, cakes and so on).

Therefore, we should remove these foods from the diet during the battle for a flat stomach, or minimize them as much as possible if we do not have enough willpower. The fewer of these products your diet will contain, the faster the result will come.

How will you replace them?

  • Sugar cannot be substituted by anything. Alas. Even honey is not desirable in this period, although it is undoubtedly a useful product (in small quantities). It is also necessary to limit dried fruits and vegetables (the former – up to a handful a day, and the latter – up to two vegetables a day).
  • Yeast can be replaced with homemade leaven or a baking powder.
  • Fast carbohydrates should be substituted for slow ones. Refined products should be replaced with whole-grain products, white rice should be replaced with the rice of any other color (red, brown, black, or just unpeeled).

Step 2. Destroying the pathogens

No, no! We do not suggest taking antibiotics. Very often, they are the cause of our problems with the intestines. After all, taking the pills for cough, we kill all living organisms in the body. Including the desired ones. And then we usually eat some bread and tea with honey… As a result, there is the violation of intestinal microflora. Of course, this does not happen after one or two times. But over time, the situation is aggravated.

We suggest fighting pathogens with the help of natural antibacterial agents. In this case, garlic, olive leaf, oregano and thyme will be very helpful. The only drawback is that they will have to be taken in pills from the pharmacy because one needs to eat a lot of these products in their natural form to achieve at least some effect. Yes, these natural means are just fine for the prevention, so they are used in our food. But we have another problem – the extermination of harmful fungi and bacteria on a serious scale.

One should take such drugs in accordance with the instructions on the packaging or while eating in the morning. Take them separately from probiotics. It’s not dangerous, but you can just throw them in the trash with the same effect. Because these agents kill all the bacteria, not only pathogenic ones. Therefore, it is necessary to take them apart from probiotics (they should be taken at least every nine hours).

Step 3: Artificial cultivation of bifidobacteria in the body

At the same time, we have to cultivate “good” bacteria in the intestines. To do this, we will need nothing but capsules or powders, alas. One can already foresee the people’s indignation: “How so! They promised that everything would be simple… And now they suggest spending money again!” This is understandable. Believe it or not, drinking sugar-free yogurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner is extremely ineffective when the intestinal microflora is already violated in such a way that even innocent cabbage during a meal leads to bloating. Therefore, yogurt is good only as a preventive measure (not always, however). In many cases, it would require more solid dosage.

We do not sell any products. We only recommend medications that will be helpful. At the same time we do not recommend any specific brands and manufacturers. We just give general advice.

So how can you choose a product with bifidobacteria? In short, the main thing is its composition and not the colorful packaging or even the price.

Pay attention to the number of bacteria in the medication: it should be as varied as possible. The more different colonies will be contained there, the more likely it is to obtain good results.

Besides, pay attention to the amount of these bacteria in a capsule. The more, the better. Respected manufacturers indicate the number of bacteria at the time of manufacture and at the time of the expiry date on the packaging: the bacteria die over time even in a sealed jar.

One should take probiotics (medications with bifidobacteria) before going to bed.

Step 4. Feeding beneficial bifidobacteria with their favorite food

It is not enough to just “settle” the desired bacteria in your body. They need to be fed properly. They love fiber, and vegetables are the largest source of fiber! That is why we always speak about the benefits of vegetables.

It will be difficult at first. Because the intestines will swell even more than before due to the lack of the necessary microflora. But the result is worth trying. Be patient, and in two weeks you will feel the difference. After two months, you will be amazed: you will not feel the slightest inconvenience even after huge portions of fresh salad.

  • There are a lot of advantages in this program:
  • The reduction of sugar in the diet will improve complexion and stop skin rashes.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • Defecation will be normalized, and you will get rid of constipation.
  • You will be less tired because refined foods destabilize blood sugar and give bursts of energy during the day.

Finally, there is one more tip which is well-known to everyone: drink at least 2 liters of water a day. But still a lot more people use water to just wash down pills and drink only juice and coffee (sometimes even stronger drinks). Water is needed for the body to get rid of the “waste products” during the cleaning of harmful microorganisms. Besides, water normalizes excrements, preventing the bowel contents from getting stagnant.

Therefore, drink water and herbal tea without caffeine. The more, the better.

Attention! While cleaning the body, side effects may occur: headache, dizziness, fatigue, and irritability. This is normal!

A very large number of bacteria are eliminated by garlic or olive leaves, and this waste is actually poisoning the body, which reacts in such a way. If the state of the body deteriorates seriously, reduce the dosage of natural antibiotics to a minimum and then gradually increase it.

Headaches may be associated with abandoning sugar. No matter how natural it is, sugar is addictive, which is proved by some researchers and many people’s personal experience.

Duration of the treatment

The course usually lasts from two to three months. But no more than that. In the most severe cases, the maximum term reaches six months. It is advisable to start with three months and watch the state of your body.

And then… Try to preserve these eating habits for the rest of your life. After two months, you will surely get used to such a healthy diet. So why should you stop?

Stay healthy!